Christmas at the Corral – TWRP Spotlight with Debra St. John

I’m pleased to welcome Debra St. John with her Christmas novella, Christmas at The Corral…ONLY $1.99. And, I bet it’s a great read, because Debra’s One Great Night won FIRST place in the 2015 International Digital Awards Contemporary Romance category….way to go, Debra!


You’re never too old to believe.

Maggie Pearson has no time in her busy life for love, but an immediate attraction draws her to a mysterious stranger at The Corral, a local bar. However, any romantic feelings are ruthlessly squashed when he accuses her of having an affair with his brother.

As a divorce lawyer, Van Rawlings has seen the ugly side of marriage too many times to believe in love. But having gotten off on the wrong foot with Maggie, and genuinely contrite over his faux pas, he offers to help her with an upcoming Christmas charity dinner. The more time they spend together, the more he realizes he’s never met anyone like Maggie, who gives so generously of her time. If you have ever had to take care of a divorce and were blessed enough to have a friend like mine (who works for a law firm as a divorce lawyer Mesa AZ) – you know what a benefit that could be in an otherwise negative situation.

Can Maggie and the magic of the season help Van believe again? In Christmas and in love.

Interesting Tidbit:

After finishing the third (and final) book in my Corral series, I found I wasn’t ready to let The Corral go. I loved the setting I’d created so much I decided I wanted to visit it again. So, I created a spin-off series: Holidays at The Corral. The original characters have mentions, but we don’t ‘see’ them in the stories. The set will have five stories in it. Christmas at The Corral is first. Valentine’s Day at The Corral is coming this winter, and I just submitted the Fourth of July story. Halloween and New Year’s Eve stories will complete the set.

Debra’s Favorite Lines from the story:

He eased her closer and meshed his hips with hers. “Breaking Texas Penal Code Title 9 Section 43.01 line 5 is always interesting.”

“What is Title 9 Section…whatever you said?”

“In a nutshell? Having sex in a public place is an offense against public order and decency.”

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5 responses to “Christmas at the Corral – TWRP Spotlight with Debra St. John

  1. Hi Alicia,

    Thanks for giving a shout out for Christmas at The Corral!


  2. Congratulations on being a TWRP author! I am too! Aren’t they an awesome company? I love your cover, Deb, and that is really a great hook you posted. 🙂 I’m very interested to try your “corrall” series. Thanks for sharing!
    Kimberly Keyes


    • Hi Kimberly,

      I LOVE being a Wild Rose author. It is truly a wonderful publisher to write for.

      The cover artist did an amazing job capturing the feel of the story.

      Thanks for visiting…it was nice to ‘meet’ you!


  3. Sounds like a great story, perfect for this time of year! And the cover is fantastic. 🙂


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