Devil’s Eyes – Michael Myers, a Romance Hero?

Our OKRWA Chapter held a ‘Romancing the Monster’ contest where we could write a no more than 500 word scene involving some kind of monster or horror character. It had to involve romance, or at least an attraction and absolutely could not be more than 500 words, which is a bit tricky to pull off. It had to be a specific character, not just a werewolf or vampire, etc. Well…as twisted as it may be, I’ve always felt that Michael Myers of Halloween fame was kind of sexy. (I know, I know, I SAID it was twisted). So, I chose him to feature in my contribution to the contest. I coordinated the contest, so I made myself ineligible to place, even though the judges didn’t know which story was mine, or that I’d even contributed a story. I just couldn’t resist the fun of writing and submitting. 🙂

In the spirit of the season, I’m sharing my mini-scene here. If you’ve seen the movies, even just the first one, you’ll ‘get’ a lot of the references. 

I’m going to check with the other entrants and see if they object to my sharing their stories as well. Stay tuned…(of course, you all want to know the winners, right?)


Devil’s Eyes

Haddonfield, IL 1992, Halloween Night

Brisk October wind bit into Doctor Phoebe Loomis’s flesh beneath her thin jacket. Dry leaves skittered down the sidewalk, sounding like cracking bones.

In the aftermath of the murders, the darkened neighborhood was silent. Along the street, houses were adorned with witches, goblins, and grotesquely smiling jack-o-lanterns. One particularly creative individual had transformed his yard into a cemetery, complete with headstones and an open grave with a ‘corpse’ lying next to it.

Red and blue strobe lights painted the faces of the officers leading the killer from the house. Michael Myers, wearing charcoal-gray coveralls and a blood-sprinkled white mask, towered above the two men.

Her pulse skipped, and she took a deep breath to still her racing heart. What was wrong with her? How could she be attracted to a…monster? Tonight, he’d killed five teenagers who’d been partying in his childhood home—thrill seekers, fascinated by the legend of Michael Myers. He’d taken countless lives since his escape from Smith’s Grove Sanitarium in 1978, where he’d been incarcerated for fifteen years after he murdered his teen sister, Judith, on Halloween—at six years old.

After her uncle’s death last year, Phoebe took over his psychiatry practice. Daily, she’d devoured Michael’s file.  Yes, Michael had committed atrocities. But atrocities had been committed against him too. A relative told of how Judith abused him. All these years, he’d been killing his sister over and over. His tormented soul cried out to Phoebe. She couldn’t explain it any more than she could explain sunrises. They simply were.

Tomorrow, she would meet with a man who murdered without conscience. And tonight, like many others, she would dream of his touch, his kiss…

She grimaced. If the authorities knew of her twisted fascination with Michael Myers, not only would they not let her near him, they’d lock her up as well.


The interrogation room door opened and Phoebe snapped her head up. Michael—sans mask, wearing an orange jumpsuit, hands and feet shackled—stepped inside. His eyes—her uncle called them Devil’s eyes—were black as a midnight sky. But unlike her uncle, she saw more than a soulless killing machine in their depths. 

Michael eyed her warily and dropped into a chair. He was handsomer than she expected. Dark, tousled hair and, other than a jagged scar running along his rugged jawline, he was…beautiful

She offered a tentative smile. “I’m Sam Loomis’ niece, Phoebe.”

He rested his shackled hands on the tabletop. His dark gaze, so intent it stole her breath, locked onto her face. Tingles skated over her skin and she glanced away.

When his touch landed on her hand, she jerked her head up. Michael’s firm lips had softened—not quite a smile, but something…pleasant.

“Phoebe…” His gravelly voice sent shivers along her flesh. “I’ll tell you my story.” Relief surfaced in his ebony eyes. “Then maybe, I’ll find peace.”

She clasped her fingers around his and nodded, smiling through tears. “I’m here for you. As long as you need me.”




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7 responses to “Devil’s Eyes – Michael Myers, a Romance Hero?

  1. pamelasthibodeaux

    Twisted…yeah an understatement. Great excerpt tho!
    Good luck and God’s blessings.


  2. It IS a great excerpt! I, of course, never having seen the Halloween movies, did not “get” the references. Argh. What a fun contest though.


    • Haha, well, for example, Dr. Sam Loomis was really Michael’s psychiatrist, although I don’t know if he had a niece named Phoebe. And, the first movie opened up with him, at 6 years old, stabbing his older sister, Judith. And he really was locked up for 15 years in Smith’s Grove, and Sam Loomis said he had ‘Devil’s Eyes’ 🙂 Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed our contest!


  3. Wow. Very creepy but very beautiful at the same time. Almost a “Beauty and the Beast” kind of thing. Loved it!


  4. Frankly, I find your short extremely romantic, not in the least twisted. For years now I’ve dreamed of wrapping my arms gently around Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s body before releasing the hateful straight jacket. Then, hand in hand, we would stroll across one of the little Florence bridges in search of a nice serving of lamb chops “with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.” 🙂


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