Ten Moments that Changed My Life by Andrea Downing – And her Western Historical Romance, Loveland

Please help me welcome Andrea Downing, who is sharing a Wild Rose Press Western Historical Romance and 10 moments that changed her life…



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28 responses to “Ten Moments that Changed My Life by Andrea Downing – And her Western Historical Romance, Loveland

  1. Thanks so much for having me here Alicia. This was certainly an interesting parameter within which to write—and think!

  2. Nice post, Andrea.

  3. Alison Henderson

    You’ve certainly lived an interesting life, Andi! Excellent fodder for a writer. Thanks for the fascinating post and best wishes for continuing success with Loveland.

    • I was told once either I was a colossal liar or a very interesting person. I’m hoping it was the second–well, I certainly didn’t lie! LOL thanks for your good wishes.

  4. janarichards

    A very thoughtful and heartfelt post, Andrea. I enjoyed learning more about you.

  5. Wonderful blog post. Best wishes with your release.

  6. Sorry I’m late, Andrea, especially considering I’m the hostess. 🙂 I loved your post. Yes, I think this type of ‘interview’ really makes a person think. I enjoyed hearing about your moments. Isn’t it funny how those moments bring us to where we are today?

    • We are certainly the sum of our parts…or maybe I should say ‘past.’ This was so good to do, Alicia, partially because it was different and partially because it really did make me think. Thanks!

  7. Excellent post! Thanks for sharing, Andrea and best of luck with Loveland. 🙂

  8. Barbara Bettis

    What a list, Andrea! Thanks for sharing your “specials” with us. Good luck with Loveland, too !

  9. Abigail Owen

    Love your top 10 Andrea! What an interesting life and wonderful moments (most of them). You made me have to think about my own. Best of luck with Loveland!

    • Well, Abigail, maybe I’ll see you here soon as it was one of the ideas Alicia has for guests. I certainly hope so–I’d love to see what other people feel are their 10 most important moments.

  10. Wow, Andrea, I identified with your wonderful list in so many ways–the first time I saw the Rockies, travels abroad, when I met my first husband (and my second, and my current :))– but particularly, #1. Yep, I recall an uncle sitting me on the back of one of our draft horses. My short two+-year-old legs stuck straight out across that broad, warm bare back and I clutched her mane and breathed in her horsey smell…and fell in love. Then and forever a horse lover! I know Loveland will be a huge success.

    • What a lovely memory, Joelle, about being set on that draft horse. A couple of years ago my daughter and I were visiting a stud farm in Colombia and they brought out a Percheron. My daughter, then in her late 20s, had to climb the fence to get on it bareback and she looked like a little doll. Wish I’d tried too but the knees aren’t good…

  11. Mary Gillgannon

    Fun post, Andrea. I enjoyed reading about the special moments that have shaped your life. Made me think about my own journey. I’m not sure if I can come up with ten moments that defined and shaped my life, but maybe I should try. I might learn something about myself.

    • I didn’t think I could drum up 10 moments either when I saw this on Alicia’s list of what guests could write, but here I am. It’s worth a go certainly because you do think about what makes you YOU.

  12. So interesting to hear how an inveterate globe trotter ended up in NY! We definitely DON’T live linear lives (your heart and your daughter are big influences in your life…understandably). Nice to hear your 10-makes me think about mine. Great post. Cheers! Rolynn

    • From one globetrotter to another…I’ve certainly tried to reinvent myself as the situation has demanded. At times it’s been a bumpy ride but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

  13. Great post! You’ve lived a very full life…and seen England, for which I’m so envious! 🙂

  14. Great post, Andrea! You’ve lived a very full life…and seen England, for which I’m so envious!

  15. Andrea, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the major turning points/ building blocks of your life! The blurb for your book makes me want to pick it up and read it even though I’m more of a contemporary reader (and writer) these days!
    Kimberly Keyes

    • Thanks for your kind words Kimberly. If you want to try one of my contemporary novels–actually, my only one to date–have a look at DANCES OF THE HEART. I think you’d enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by.

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