Ramblings of a Lifelong Elvis Fan – Part 59 – Why We Love Elvis

Well, the title might be a little misleading and/or redundant. The whole concept of my blogging each Friday about Elvis has to do with why I love him, but I wanted to share a post my sister and Elvis buddy, Ruth Robertson Zimmerman posted to Facebook on the anniversary of Elvis’ death. I believe she sums it up pretty well…


I just have to share what is on my heart & mind today….
I can’t believe I was 13 when I lost Elvis & that it’s been 38 years. 
I know how a lot of people think of him..talking about him eating cheeseburgers (don’t we all love them?) or him being a druggie (he took prescription drugs & never had an iv put in his arm so he could be given anesthesia type drugs) or about him dying on the toilet (he didn’t…they found him on the floor) but that just means you don’t see Elvis through my eyes for who he truly was!
Elvis is my comforter…when life has made me so sad nothing else will do.
Elvis is my entertainment…no song, no movie, no documentary will ever be better in my life. (From Alicia – PLEASE watch this…wow, it’s spectacular…)

Elvis is goodness thru & thru…when I thought the entertainment world had gone to Hell in a handbasket, he proved different.

Elvis is love…I have never & will never love another mortal human that I have never met more than I love him.
Elvis is family…not a part of MY family but he was/is such a commonality with me & my close sisters. 
Elvis is gorgeous…I have never looked at a picture on anything or anywhere that trips my trigger like he does.

Elvis is memories…some of the best I have. Especially the 3 concerts I got to go to with my sisters…and getting to finally go to Memphis with my sister Alicia!
Elvis is dedication…he was so dedicated to his fans…it killed him. I was one of them…does that make me guilty?? I sure feel that way sometimes.
Elvis is Godly…no matter how famous, rich, or adored he was…he never ever forsook his upbringing. You can guarantee every concert he performed, there would be a gospel song or 2 included.
Elvis is respect…I loved the way he loved his momma! I have one I feel the same way about! 
Elvis is laughter…I have cracked up so many people over the way I adore him! Imagine the fun I have trying to explain it!
and finally….
Elvis is heartbreak…I will always believe his life changed who I was…I know his death has. It’s a hurt I feel quite often. I cry sometimes…still! 
But especially today…August 16th…as I mourn the 1st love I lost!

I have to agree with Ruth (no surprise there, right? :)). Even now, while I’m still sad over his death, listening to Elvis or watching one of his movies makes me happy. I am especially grateful to Elvis Radio on Sirius, because not only can I listen to him 24/7 in my car (well, in actuality, since I own almost every song he’s ever recorded, other than the rate, outtake songs, I could listen to Elvis CD’s 24/7), but I also appreciate the interviews with people who knew him, the little details we get to learn about him that we never knew. And, I love that so many of today’s and past entertainers do promo plugs on the station, I’ve heard Paul McCartney, Michael Buble, George Jones, and many others plug Elvis radio. So cool!

I’m very grateful to have grown up with sisters who loved Elvis, a mother who loved him, and a father who understood. 🙂

~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*

EOLS Charity

Elvis was known for his giving heart and charitable work during his lifetime. Lisa Marie and Elvis Presley Enterprises have continued that tradition with their involvement in various charities. In 1984, The Elvis Charitable Foundation was formed. The EPCF created a scholarship fund for students majoring in the arts. The charity also contributes to one of Elvis’ favorite charities, Goodwill Homes, a Memphis facility that provides counseling and services for abused children and their families. The EPCF also assists numerous other charities, especially focusing on arts, education and children’s programs.

Learn more here, including how to donate:


END OF LONELY STREET – Now Only 99 Cents!

On Elvis’ birthday this year, I released a Vintage Romance short story set in 1957, and of course, my heroine is an Elvis fan. 🙂 As a tribute to Elvis’ generosity, and in order to assist with this worthy cause, 10% of my proceeds for End of Lonely Street will go to the EPCF.


All Toby Lawson wants is to go to college to become a teacher and to be free of her alcoholic mother and some painful memories. But when her mother nearly burns the house down, Toby must put her dreams on hold and return home to care for her. The only time she isn’t lonely and miserable is when she’s listening to her heartthrob, Elvis Presley. His music takes her away and helps her escape from everything wrong in her life.

Noah Rivers has always loved Toby, but no matter what he says, she can‘t get past the fact that her drunken mother once kissed him. He soon realizes the true problem lies in Toby’s belief she’s not good enough for him and in her fear she will be just like her mother.

What will it take to prove to her that she deserves to be happy, and that he would give anything to be the man to make her dreams come true?

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7 responses to “Ramblings of a Lifelong Elvis Fan – Part 59 – Why We Love Elvis

  1. coryellsusan

    Elvis will never die while his fans live! Did you see him on the Forever stamp? Pure, sexy Elvis! Nice post, as usual.


  2. It’s cool that your love of Elvis is something your sisters and mom share, too. (And I love that your dad understands!) It’s a nice way to connect. Thanks for sharing this, Alicia! (I had forgotten END OF LONELY STREET was published on Elvis’ birthday. Loved that book!)


  3. Debi

    I love you, Alice! For sharing all the memories, pictures and stories about Elvis, the King, keeping him alive for all of us! And filling my unending and enduring love for a man who changed the world with his compassion, attitude, passion & patriotism. A man you and Ruth characterized in this blog today perfectly… he was a stupendous human being, a loving son, a beautiful (figurative AND literal) man… and… dear heavenly days, he possessed a talent, a voice that will live on forever! Thank you for all your hard work with words that present him as a living, breathing man who struggled to live up to a perceived image while still living, laughing, loving and PERFORMING for the public. What a huge menu for one man to fulfill! But boy-oh-boy, he gave us a lifetime of pleasure in a short 42 years. Keep up the good work. I love, love, love reading about him! It makes my heart sing.


  4. Diane Burton

    I’m in awe that you know so much about Elvis, Alicia. You are truly a fan!!!


    • Yes, I am indeed a true fan. I have been for as long as I can remember. Some of these things I know, and some I’ve recently learned. It’s fascinating to still discover new things about Elvis after all these years. Thank you for stopping by!


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