Please Help Me Find a Title. Also…a Fun Giveaway!!!

Enter to win a customized Martini Club 4 glass and an autographed copy of all four of the Martini Club 4 – The 1920’s stories in one print book! The only thing you have to do to enter is follow the Martini Club 4 Blog – Check out this post for more details:

Martini Club 4

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you’re having a great weekend.

**** BE SURE TO follow the blog in order to enter our giveaway! (Button can be found on the lower left side)

Yesterday, our MC4 group took a road trip to Anadarko for a book signing. We had a great day, not only at the signing, but the drive time of nearly three hours, round trip (with a stop off in Okarche for chicken and okra at Eischens), gave us an opportunity to brainstorm the next books in the Martini Club 4 series. These books will be set in 1947 Boston and will be about the offspring of our characters from the 1920’s series. We came up with some fun ideas for all four of the stories. Spending time together like that is so beneficial.

This is the four of us at the signing:

Me, Kathy, Amanda, Krysta

at the signing4083_6233334536891863690_n

I’ll let the…

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One response to “Please Help Me Find a Title. Also…a Fun Giveaway!!!

  1. Diane Burton

    Good thing you went yesterday. Heard there are horrible storms out there. I love brainstorming. They stimulate so many more ideas than just what the others say. Looking forward to the new stories.


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