Elvis Presley – Ramblings of a Lifelong Fan – Part 28 – Elvis the Grandfather

Elvis passed away so young, that it’s unimaginable to think of him as a grandfather. Lisa Marie was only nine years old when he died, but she is now forty-six. She’s been married four times. Her first marriage was to Danny Keough, with whom she had two children, Ryleigh and Benjamin. She was briefly married to Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage. She is now married to Michael Lockwood, and they have twin girls, born in 2008. The twins’ names are  Harper Vivienne Ann and Finley Aaron Love. The ‘Ann’ is from Priscilla’s middle name. And, of course, Aaron was Elvis’ middle name, and Love was his mother’s middle name. I think it’s awesome that she gave her children those names, but I can’t help think it’s a little unfair to poor Harper that she gets Priscilla’s and Finley gets both Elvis’ and his beloved mother’s middle names. 🙂

*** Susan Coryell mentioned the ‘twin’ connection, and that is something I meant to briefly address in my post. As I’m sure everyone knows, Elvis was born a twin, but his brother, Jess Garon, died at birth. It’s pretty awesome that Elvis’ only child also gave birth to twins. 

lisa and kids447_464_300 

Perhaps not all that surprising, both Ryleigh and Benjamin are in show business. Ryleigh is a model and actress. I first discovered this (although I should have already known) when I saw her in a small role in Magic Mike, the quite memorable male stripper movie starring Channing Tatum. Did any of you see the movie? Do you remember Ryleigh? 


Benjamin is a singer, and he is purported to have a record deal, although the record has not been released yet.

Both of them most definitely have that ‘Presley’ look. Can you see it?

ryleigh actress-granddaughter-of-elvis-presley-and-daughter-of-lisa-marie-presleyth (1)

01-02 ben-keough-with-mom-lisa-marie-presleyElvis Presley (left); Elvis's granddaughter Riley Keough.

I can just imagine how proud Elvis would be of them. He was a doting father, and he adored Lisa Marie. I am sure he would be just as enamored of his grandchildren, if not more so. How awesome would it be to see the four of them perform together? 

I love that Lisa has respected her father’s name and that she’s proud of her legacy. I just hope Elvis’ grandchildren do the same. Their heritage is a special one, and they owe their looks and their talent to him. Hopefully, they realize and appreciate that.


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10 responses to “Elvis Presley – Ramblings of a Lifelong Fan – Part 28 – Elvis the Grandfather

  1. D'Ann

    Awesome! I think the older kids definitely look like Elvis!



    What a great blog! Even those of us who have been Elvis fans our whole lives learn a lot from this blog! Thank you for sharing & thank you for keeping his legacy alive in our world. I do hope, as you said….his grandchildren do the same!


  3. Monique DeVere

    Awww… this is such a lovely post, Alicia. What talent! 🙂


  4. I didn’t realize Lisa Marie had a second set of children. And you’re right about the older two having the strong Elvis resemblance. (What a great looking family.) I was always a little sad that Lisa Marie’s music career never took off, but it had to be nearly impossible to follow a giant in the industry like Elvis. So many expectations. I’m glad Benjamin is giving it a shot. (I never did get to see Magic Mike, and now I have another reason to add it to my movie list!) Thanks for more great memories, Alicia.


    • Yes, I was always a little baffled about that. You’d think, just from her name alone, she’d have been a huge success. She’s a fantastic singer, too. Ha, trust me, there are plenty of reasons to see Magic Mike 😉 and the sequel is coming out this summer, I believe. So, you’d better get caught up. You’re welcome…thank you!


  5. Wow! What a family resemblance and what’s not to love? Twins, even! I know Elvis had a twin who died at birth. Thanks for a cool post!


    • You’re welcome! Thank you. Yes, absolutely. The twin thing is definitely a cool thing. I’m glad you brought it up. I meant to address that in the post. I am going to briefly do that now. 🙂


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