Elvis Presley – Ramblings of a Lifelong Fan – Part XIX  –  Rare Recordings, Duets, and Remixes

Elvis released hundreds of songs over his career, and in the nearly forty years after his death, his songs are still being released. Many are never before heard recordings, some are remixes, some are alternate takes, and some are duets. I am not crazy about most of the remixes and duets. I like the pure, original sound of Elvis’ music. Below I’ve listed some of my thumbs up and thumbs downs.


EP Blue

Thumbs up:

Any song Lisa Marie records of her father’s. I think it’s awesome that she is a singer, and that she loves and respects her father so much. The songs she records with him are beautiful. I’m not certain how many she has done, but I know of a handful: In the Ghetto, Don’t Cry Daddy, and I Love you Because.




I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone, the alternate version – This is an alternate version that was recorded by Elvis in the early years. It’s better than the one that was released. It’s moody and bluesy and gives me chills. They should have released this version, not that there was anything wrong with the one they did release, but this one is phenomenal. Do yourself a favor and listen to it.


This is a rare home recording of Elvis at a friend’s house in 1958 singing Happy, Happy Birthday Baby. Can you imagine sitting around a living room with Elvis while he belted out songs and played the piano?


Thumbs Down:

Lisa Loïs Duet of Love Me Tender – While this is a beautiful version, and the girl has an amazing voice, it gets a thumb’s down simply because when I hear the first few notes as I’m listening to Elvis radio, I can’t help but be disappointed that it’s not an ‘original’ Elvis.

Barbara Streisand Duet of Love Me Tender – The woman has a fantastic voice, and there’s no doubt she’s a superstar, and I love that she and Elvis had a mutual respect and admiration for one another, but to me, she tampers with the pure sound of the original arrangement. And, I’m not sure what those extra lyrics are at the beginning, but they’re not needed.


 All of the remixes – Although these releases did well, I don’t care for the addition of the Techno sound to Elvis’s songs. I’m not sure how many were done that way, but a few I know about are Rubberneckin’, Little Less Conversation, and Bossa Nova Baby. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like them okay if I hadn’t heard the true versions, but Elvis didn’t need the Techno sound added. His music was timeless and perfect in its original form.

How about you? Do you agree, or am I way too picky when it comes to Elvis? 🙂



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One response to “Elvis Presley – Ramblings of a Lifelong Fan – Part XIX  –  Rare Recordings, Duets, and Remixes

  1. I, too, prefer the original version of “I’m Left.” Maybe the sound is too “raw” for smooth recording-lovers? But the voice–ah! the voice!


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