Guest Strumpet: Alicia Dean & How a Cover is Born

I’m blogging with Tea and Strumpets on the birth of my cover…

Tea N Strumpets

Welcome Guest Strumpet Alicia Dean! Her Tea of Choice: Because it’s October, Pumpkin Spice Brulee Oolong 

Alicia Dean Tin Man Color

For me, the cover is one of the most exciting things about publishing a book. It is extremely important that a cover be eye-catching and accurately convey the tone of your story.

For my latest release, Without Mercy, I worked with Steven Novak for the first time. It took us a few tries, but he created a cover that I fell in love with. I thought I would show the ones that didn’t make the cut…

Cover 1:


I like this, but I thought the girl was a little too ‘model-like’ and a little too nonchalant for a mother in crisis.

Second attempt:


I personally liked this one a lot, but I ran it by a group of author friends and most of them thought the mother looked too frightened and they didn’t…

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