Elvis Presley – Ramblings of a Lifelong Fan – Part 12 – Fans Share Their Thoughts

Today, I have asked a handful of other Elvis fans to join me in sharing what he means to them. A few of them are my sisters and a few I met through an awesome Elvis Facebook page:  Elvis Presley on Facebook

I asked them to answer the following questions and share some of their favorite photos:

How long have you been an Elvis fan? 
How did you become an Elvis fan?
Although I know it’s almost impossible to put into words, what do you love about Elvis?
What is your favorite memory of Elvis?
I realize it’s difficult, if not impossible, for an Elvis fan to name their favorites, please give us one of your favorite songs and movies and why. 

Gabriela Curt from Buenos Aires, Argentina…

I‘ve been an Elvis fan for more than 30 years. I became an Elvis fan watching his movies on TV in the seventies.

I love almost everything about Elvis. I love the way he looked, his amazing voice. But most of all I love the person he was. That he was a caring person, his spirituality, his search for a greater knowledge, his sensitivity, and the fact that he was a giving person. His life philosophy, the way he smiled, the tender look in his eyes. I also think he was a forgiving person, and I feel he put others’ needs ahead of his own. I know I didn’t have the chance to meet him in person, but this is how I feel after hearing his many interviews, and also because of the things some of his closest friends have said. I love that he was human, and he had the ability to show himself as a real person. He was sincere with people around him and his fans. I‘ve listened to many live concerts in which he talked to the audience as if he was talking among friends. Although I know he wasn’t perfect, he was the closest to perfection. He wasn’t afraid of being himself, and if he was nervous he would let the audience know it. The one thing I admire the most about him, is that he was a man of his word; he was generous in so many ways, I learned he gave a woman he didn’t even know a car; not for the material fact, but because I find it as a symbol of his generosity.

Unfortunately he died when I was only 9 years old, but by that time I’d watched most of his movies. I was devastated when he died. I couldn’t see or listen to him, until last year. I started taking singing lessons and I had to choose the songs I wanted to learn, as I was making amends with some persons and situations in my life, I chose “Always on my Mind”. That’s when I began listening to Elvis again. One song led to another, until I found on August 2013, the 2005 movie: “Elvis The Mini Series”. It starts with Elvis minutes before the 1968 Comeback Special, and then it jumps back directly to 1952, and starts telling his story. It shows some of the fights he had with the Colonel about the movies and his desire of becoming a serious actor, and singing opera. It also caught my attention the relationship he had with his hairdresser, Larry Geller, and all the talks they had about religion and spiritual matters. The Colonel, forbidding Elvis and Larry being together alone, and also, putting a time limit of 2 hours to their meetings!!! It also shows Elvis feeling sick when he has going to shoot a new movie.  Let me tell you, it touched my heart and soul.  I cried all through the movie and for a few more days. And then I watched it again. It was a wakeup call!! I was trying to do some changes in my life but I haven’t had the courage to do them till then. The one thing that gave me the courage was seeing what he went through doing things, such as the movies and never becoming the serious actor he wanted to be. It also shows his temper, but what the heck, he’s human!!! In so many levels he is an example to me. In my own way, I try to do what he had done helping people. I think he gave us so much more than his music.

My favourite song is: “Bridge over Troubled Water”, it has become my inspiration every time I ‘m feeling down, especially when he sings: Sail on Silver Girl… I feel somehow Elvis ‘s talking to me.

My favorite movie is: “Change of Habit” because of the message it gives about following your own bliss.

10551086_775092389179244_3632047462062571102_n ElvisPresley-22



Angel from Minnesota…

I have been an Elvis fan consciously since I was 5 years old – exsposed to him always as my aunts, parents and Grandma all listened to his music at different times in my life.

I became a true Elvis fan when I saw him on television for the first time.. I remember being star struck, standing motionless in awe. He was the most fantastic thing I had ever seen in my five years! From that point on, I had posters, garage sale cassette tapes and Elvis in my heart! My grandmother visited Graceland when I was very young, returning with photos and souvenirs just for me!! It was quite special…

What I love about Elvis – impossible to describe – as best I can, I will say he’s beautiful inside.. his heart was like a flowing fountain, his generosity and charitable good deeds made him like an Angel to a lot of struggling people. He was funny, laughing and being silly is the key to a personalities loving existence  and he sure had it! He was smart and looked for deeper meaning, he was spiritual and wanted to know his purpose – because of his influence, I began to seek the same answers about life for myself… I will always be thankful to Elvis for pointing me down that path. … he was gorgeous – seeeexaaa!! Adonis! More so because of the inside, but definitely on the outside too!!! He had raw sex appeal – the best part is, he knew it and worked it like a magician works magic… there is yet to be another star who can do that. And then – the music… always there for me – to cry – to laugh – to sing – to dance- to mourn – to celebrate – to pass a rainy day – to brush my cares away – to wake – to eat – to sleep – its always a good time to have Elvis…. even if there is no sound, I can sing his every word, endless, timeless. He will always be there.

So hard to pick one favorite song – but if it must be one, it would be the one I sing most often – ”lead me, guide me”. – when I need strength and I am feeling flustered for one reason or another, I always catch myself going there for comfort. My favorite movie is ”king Creole” – I am a huge fan of Carolyn Jones and her and Elvis are my favorite on screen couple…

My Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/ElvisPresleymylove





Photoshop of Elvis and I



Ruth Zimmerman from Miami, Oklahoma (My sister)

How long have you been an Elvis fan? How did you become an Elvis fan?

I have been an Elvis fan since I was 5….45 years!

My sister, Alicia, came in our bedroom saying “Hurry Ruth! That guy is on t.v. that momma thinks is so cute!” I followed her & ended up laying on the floor staring at this GORGEOUS creature in Harum Scarum! I never knew a turban could be so sexy!

There are many, many things about Elvis I love! #1 is his drop-dread, out of this world looks! I made a comment at work one time that he literally DRIPPED with sex! It grossed a few out & I was like….gross??? That’s not the 1st thought that came to my mind!!

I love his music! No better singer….ever!!!!!!! The fact that he loved & respected his momma so much! He never forgot his roots OR who gave him this Heavenly voice….our Lord & Savior…Jesus Christ!

Through the years…I figured out what I TRULY loved about Elvis, which is the most important thing! He became a constant in my relationships with my sisters!! We have all 5 loved him, shared him, & appreciated each others love for him! I am not saying we NEEDED Elvis to have a close, loving sister-hood. But we will never know…will we?

I have so many favorite memories of Elvis:

Seeing him in concert for the very 1st time…at the ripe old age of 11…with my sisters! We were finally seeing ELVIS in person!!

Also…Me & my husband taking my sister, Alicia to Memphis for her 40th birthday! We finally got to experience “Elvis Land” together!!!

If I had to pick JUST 1??? I guess it would be seeing him in concert in May of 1977. Little did I know that was the last time I would get to experience the magic of a live Elvis concert. I wish I would have appreciated it more….but I don’t know how I could have??? Again….just as all Elvis memories…my sisters were there sharing that spell bounding night with me & my EP! 

SONG….”Bridge Over Troubled Water” It kind of became my anthem to my sister Alicia! As my older sister….she had been there for me many times in my life. My other sisters had too but Alicia & I shared a closeness that’s hard to explain. When she had went thru some rough times in her life & I got the chance to return the favor (s)….albeit minimal to what she had done….This song was playing as I was thinking of how I could help her like she had helped me. And that’s when I decided…I would always be her “Bridge Over Troubled Water”!

MOVIE….I am assuming you don’t want us to include documentaries??? My all time favorite on screen Elvis was his ’68 Comeback Special! But if you want a Hollywood scripted movie??? “Live A Little….Love A Little” WHY??? He never, ever looked sexier & showed his “manness” like he did in that movie! Well….can I also add “Change Of Habit?” Same reasons!




Christi from Moore, Oklahoma (another sister) 

I have been an Elvis fan my entire life. I was born into it-some kids were rocked to sleep with lullabies…for me it was Elvis songs. 

I love his smile, his eyes when he smiles….his gorgeous face…I love how Elvis interacted with people and I love how he has fans being born today 37 years after his death. I love how Elvis bonds friends, sisters, mothers & daughter and families. He is just like no other. 

I did not get to go to an Elvis concert. I do not even have memories of a world that had Elvis living….My favorite memory of Elvis is growing up an Elvis fan, growing up being part of something very special. Being an Elvis fan is special and wonderful-being a Robertson girl is too. Being both is rare and a gift there are only 5 of us in the world.

Favorite movie: Jailhouse Rock, Clambake

Favorite Song:  Love Me, If I Can Dream, One Night, Suspicious Minds, Devil in Disguise

This is too hard and these are not my only favorites at all-there are way  too many!

christi 3

Graceland pics me and my girls

🙂 And a few of my favorites of Elvis!

christi 2christi



Tommy French, Louisville, Ky. USA.

I have been an Elvis fan since age 14. When Elvis passed away no one in my family listened to Elvis, so I wondered what was so special about Elvis that the entire world was mourning his passing. So, between his death and the winter tv season, there were numerous special about his life that I watched, then in January 1978, I sent off for a Elvis album advertised on tv, and when I got it, the first time I played it, I was hooked, and I knew it would be something that would last the rest of my life. There are many things I love about Elvis. His talent of course. And I can appreciate his 50’s style because he was different, and radical, and his created a new and entirely different style of music. Then, there is his ability to communicate a song in such a way, that everyone listening feels as if he is talking directly to them. I appreciate his willingness to serve his country when called upon to do so. Then, there is the fact that Elvis was a God fearing Christian man, and sought to bring the gospel message of Jesus Christ to his fans. And that he was sincere in that presentation. In his 70’s style, there were several elements I appreciate. One is his sound being created by some of the best musicians ever assembled in one band. His use of the best Southern Gospel quartet in the business at that time satisfies my love of quartet singing. The Sweet Inspirations were great, and his use of an orchestra and the vocals of Kathy Westmoreland satisfies my love of Classical music. Then, Elvis stage outfits, being a combination of Victorian, and Colonial or Georgian style, satisfies my love of that period of history. As far as how Elvis has impacted my life, there have been many lonely periods of my life, my divorce 23 years ago for example. Besides the Lord’s presence in life, Elvis’ music helped take my mind off of the sting of that period. As far as my favorite song is concerned, I have two, I’ve Lost You, and American Trilogy. As far as movies go, I have two favorites, Charro, and Change of Habit, because I feel he showed some great acting ability in each of these two.


Auburn “Rusty” Jaquess

I have been an Elvis fan all my life. My sister Evelyn was an Elvis groupie on the 50s.

Everything. The respect he showed others, his charisma, his voice, his impact on my life, etc….

My dad, and JD Sumners were friends for years, and we went to watch the Stamps a lot in the 60s. As you know he became backup for Elvis. Which sets up my favorites memory. Elvis was performing in Ft Worth, Texas. My dad called JD, and told him how big a groupie I had become in the 70s going from concert to concert. JD set it up so I could go backstage with my brother to get his autograph. I was at that moment transported to heaven. Even though the four girls behind me pretty much had his attention.

I lived, and breathed Elvis. I would listen to his records in the morning when I was getting ready for school. If any of his movies came to town, or on TV I couldn’t resist no matter how,many times I’ve seen them. He was always there, and knowing that made life easier. When he passed when I was in college it devastated me for years, and I know I’m not the same person now that I was then.

Favorites song? That is a hard one if I had to choose one I would choose his favorites ” If I Can Dream”. Movie? Again I would choose his favorites ” King Creole”

Rusty Rusty'sfavpic






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11 responses to “Elvis Presley – Ramblings of a Lifelong Fan – Part 12 – Fans Share Their Thoughts

  1. Diane Burton

    What a great tribute to the King.


  2. Judy Allen Jankowski

    Loved reading all these tributes to Elvis…remarkable man. I have been his fan from the time he started his career until this day. Wll never be another!!!


  3. I have been an Elvis fan since birth back in 1964 thanks to my parents for bringing me up not only on Elvis but all of those great 50’s artists that Elvis was a huge part of my favorite music after Elvis was all those DOO WOP Groups and fellow 50’s singers but ELVIS was and always be my favorite of all time. I love everything about Elvis from the early days to his later years and the 70’s were my favorite time period because of all of his elaborate jumpsuits and his voice just got better with age like fine wine. Favorite memory would have to be the Aloha from Hawaii concert because I never got to see him live in person this was the next best thing and he was at his peak performance during this show as well as touring through GRACELAND well over 25 times and seeing that ALOHA Jumpsuit is as close to seeing him as I will ever get. Favorite songs are indeed impossible but if I had to choose my top five or so they would be mostly from the recordings he did in his home town of Memphis from four recording sessions. My all time favorite early songs were THATS ALL RIGHT & MYSTERY TRAIN from Sun Records in 54-55…….from the 69 sessions at American Sound Studio wow too many to name because this is where he established himself of still king of rock n roll after all those movie years in the 60’s but the biggest ones are SUSPICIOUS MINDS which has sold over 40 million copies all by itself also IN THE GHETTO, DONT CRY DADDY and KENTUCKY RAIN……..the STAX Sessions also had greatness PROMISED LAND being a rock n roll classic and all on that album as well as the GOOD TIMES album…….and finally the ELVIS PRESLEY BLVD album that was recorded in the Jungle Room at Graceland my favorite album of all time had the classic greats I’LL NEVER FALL IN LOVE AGAIN, NEVER AGAIN, LOVE COMING DOWN, BITTER THEY ARE HARDER THEY FALL, WAY DOWN, MOODY BLUE, PLEDGING MY LOVE see I told you its too hard to name a few because every single song he sang he poured his heart and soul into and of course the best are the GOSPEL Songs that I didn’t even mention but nobody touches him on HOW GREAT THOU ART and YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE just to name a couple. And finally the movies well that’s tough too but here are my top three as far as overall acting and his personal favorite and my second favorite that would be KING CREOLE but my all time favorite is CHARRO because I love westerns movies the most and he had a tough macho looking beard in this one and he didn’t have to sing they finally just let him act which is all he wanted to do in the first place then my other favorite is VIVA LAS VEGAS because of the on screen chemistry he had with a smoking hot Ann Margret it was just an very entertaining movie about one of his favorite cities to visit and entertain all of his faithful fans from 69 to 76 well there you have it hope you like all my answers I enjoyed sharing them with you, good luck on your blog and remember always TCB4EP Baby!!!! 🙂


    • Thank you, Mickey!!! I loved reading your thoughts about Elvis. You are SO right about everything. 🙂 Funny you mention the From Elvis Presley Boulevard recording, the CD is laying right here on my computer desk as we speak. 🙂 The songs from that album really showcase his magnificent voice. Many of them are not all that well known among non fans, but they are some of his best. Thanks again for sharing!


  4. I, too, have been an Elvis fan since his debut (yeah, I’m old!) My all-time favorite Elvis show is “Aloha from Hawaii.” Soooo sensual!


  5. Leah St. James

    What wonderful memories everyone shared! Love the photo of Elvis in leather that Christi picked. (That’s my favorite look for him!) Loved some of the favorite songs chosen, like Always on My Mind and Bridge Over Troubled Waters. I also loved that 2005 mini series, and I love watching the live show from Hawaii (I forget the year). Elvis was a consummate performer who gave his fans more than their money’s worth for the ticket prices. I always thought his phenomenal singing talent was never fully recognized by the industry. (I’m pretty sure his Grammys were for his gospel songs–which were fantastic, of course–but not for his commercial hits. I could be wrong about that though.)


    • I’ve also really enjoyed hearing from everyone who shared their memories and thoughts. It’s amazing how a performer can touch people so deeply. Aloha from Hawaii was in January of 1973. Yes, he was magnificent in that performance. And, he definitely always gave it all for his fans. Not only did he really perform his heart out, but the way he connected with them and made them feel special was a special gift. You are right, he was not full recognized for his amazing talent. Yes, his gospel records were the only ones that ever won a grammy, although he was nominated more than a few times, I believe. Thanks for joining us!


  6. Gaby

    Just amazing to read your sisters’ stories Alicia!!! Thank you very much for letting me be part of this experience!!
    I really enjoyed writing it and still enjoy reading them again. Sorry I didn ‘t comment on this before, I get very emotional
    reading it and then words don ‘t come easy. Again a VERY BIG THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this amazing experience.
    And thank you very much TCEing as you do!!!! Love your work!!!


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