TWRP New Release Spotlight – PLUS Fun Facts and Favorite Lines…

I am especially proud this week to introduce two new releases from The Wild Rose Press. They happen to be books I edited, and I’m SO pleased with both of them. Plus, I love the authors to pieces!

Keep reading for more about Carol and Linda, and their wonderful books!


Carol Henry with Rio Connection, a Romantic Suspense Novel

Espionage and danger lurk…even in paradise during Carnival 

Fun fact:

An international traveler/travel writer, I found Rio de Janeiro to be full of intrigue, excitement, and romance–a great place to set one of my romantic suspense ‘Connection’ novels. Using major attractions such as Christ the Redeemer and Sugar Loaf Mountain as backdrops to highlight the suspense, it also provided that special spark of romance those sites, as well as the mention of Rio de Janeiro, conveys. 

A few lines:

“Is he with you here in Rio?”

“No. He’s back in New York. We’re not married.” Damn! Now he was aware of what a pathetic loser she really was—going on a honeymoon without the groom.



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Linda Trout with Last Hope Alaska, Romantic Suspense Novel

Is Alaska big enough to shield Emily from her predator, or will Sam be her salvation?

Fun fact:

Climbing into a cab in Juneau, Alaska sparked the idea for this book. The driver turned to me and asked where I was from with that accent. (Gee, I didn’t know my ‘southern’ was hanging out.) As my husband hiked the 30 mile long Chilkot Trail from Skagway into British Columbia, this story took hold and wouldn’t let go. It was a few years later before I could pull it together, but knew I had to write a story based in Alaska’s capitol.

A few lines:

“Welcome to Alaska.” The gentleness in his voice soothed her battered soul, as if he understood what she was going through.




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Twitter: @LindaTrout2




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10 responses to “TWRP New Release Spotlight – PLUS Fun Facts and Favorite Lines…

  1. Thanks for posting, Alicia. I’ve got to say, you are one of my favorite editors. So love working with you.


  2. janarichards

    Carol and Linda, best of luck with your new books!

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  3. caitjarrod

    Reblogged this on Cait Jarrod, Romantic Suspense Author and commented:
    TWRP New Releases!

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  4. Shared on FB, twitter and Blog. Good luck on your new releases

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  5. Congratulations Carol and Linda. Wishing you big sales on your new releases.

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  6. Linda Trout

    Thank you for posting about my new baby. You’re a fantastic editor and I LOVE working with you! You really helped me clean up my story.


  7. Linda Trout

    Reblogged this on Ltrout's Blog and commented:
    Last Hope Alaska is featured on Alicia Dean’s blog. She’s my terrific editor, btw. 🙂

    Also featured is another romantic suspense, Rio Connection, that Alicia also edited. Hmm, I think she’s showing favorites today. 😀


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