Jennifer Lowery’s New Release, Maximum Risk, and a YUMMY Recipe!

Hi Alicia and all you fabulous readers out there *waves* Thank you so much for having me today! My romantic suspense, Maximum Risk, released this month so I’m very excited to be here! Thank you so much for sharing it with me!! 


In honor of my release I am giving away an e-book copy of any one of my books (go to my WEBSITE to choose) to one lucky commenter so please leave me a comment with your EMAIL so I can contact you if you win!!

I love cooking almost as much as I love writing. Almost. Writing is definitely my passion, but cooking can be fun sometimes too. I often include cooking scenes in my writing and it is usually the hero that is doing the cooking. Hmm…wonder why that is, lol. Probably because I don’t have the time anymore! And, probably why I started a cooking blog called Romance Recipes…Authors cooking up more than romance. So I can introduce readers to a blog where they can meet new authors, try a new recipe and pick up a new book all in one place! If you’d like to check it out here the link: Romance Recipes.

In Maximum Risk, my heroine, Avery, is cut off from her life due to the bad guys wanting her dead. To get her mind off the danger she bakes a batch of her mom’s No Bake Cookies-the only thing she can bake since she isn’t a cook.  Quinn gave them his approval and he comes from a family where his mom cooks Sunday dinner and leaves Tupperware in his fridge when he’s away-so you know they’re good 🙂 So, here’s the recipe for Avery’s No Bake Cookies from Maximum Risk. Enjoy!

Avery’s No Bake Cookies

½ c cocoa

2 c sugar

½ c milk

1 stick butter

½ c peanut butter

½ tsp. vanilla

3 c quick-cooking oats

  • Mix sugar, cocoa, milk and butter in a saucepan and boil for 1 minute
  • Take off heat
  • Add peanut butter, vanilla and oats.
  • Lay out on wax paper and let cool before enjoying!


For everyone who signs up for my NEWSLETTER you will receive an e-book copy of my short story, Taking Chances ($.99 value) for FREE!


Thank you for having me today, Alicia!! I just want to send out a big THANK YOU to all my readers out there! Without you I wouldn’t be here. My wish is to one day meet each and every one of you so I can personally thank you for your generosity and support! 
All my best, 


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25 responses to “Jennifer Lowery’s New Release, Maximum Risk, and a YUMMY Recipe!

  1. Thank you so much for having me on your awesome blog, Alicia!


  2. My pleasure, Jennifer. Love the cover and the blurb. Sounds like a great read! (And, the cookies sound delish..and easy!)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats on your latest release Jennifer! And I love no bake cookies, although I always have to toss out the first batch and go for a 2nd. Don’t know why, but that’s my ritual. lol

    Happy Sales!!!


  4. I love these no bake cookies. Great recipe & awesome novel. Shared via google+


  5. Great recipe, I love no bake cookies. Your novel sounds amazing. Shared via Google+


  6. Cristie Lagarde

    Congrats on Your New Release Jennifer.. I loved reading Maximum Risk!
    I going to have to try the No Bake Cookie Recipe…


  7. Congratulations on your new release, Jennifer! And I love these cookies, especially because they are gluten-free! YAY! Just wrote the recipe down. 🙂 1jennajaxon (at) gmail (dot) com Tweeted!


  8. I love those cookies. One of my fav recipes. Congrats on the new release.


  9. ButtonsMom2003

    I love all of your books but Maximum Risk is now my favorite. I can’t wait for more stories in this series.


  10. Thank you to all the visitors. Sounds like Maximum Risk is a must read!


  11. Carol Smith

    Loved your new book. A very exciting read.


  12. melissakeir

    Congrats on this wonderful book! 🙂 The cookies sound easy and yummy! I love no-bake cookies!


  13. Hey Jennifer! I can’t wait to read Maximum Risk – added it to by TBR pile! I also love Avery’s cookies – those are my DH’s favorite cookies (the one’s he begs for at least once every Christmas season). Can’t wait to check out your cooking blog! Thanks so much for sharing about your new release today!


  14. No bake cookies disturb me. How will it sound if I say, “I boiled you some cookies” or worse yet, “I assembled you some cookies, no baking involved.” They’ll probably think I failed to pay my electric bill, given how poor I am. But I have to say, this would come in handy during winter crisis when the electricity goes out for a week or two. I can boil water on my grill, then assemble and put on cookie sheet where they will chill really fast given the temp inside will be really low. So I take it back. I do see a value to a no back cookie recipe, because let’s face it. When the power goes out, we need cookies.


  15. Thank you all for coming out today! I really appreciate the support! And thank you, Alicia, for being such a wonderful host.
    It’s time to draw the winner of an e-book copy off my backlist-yay! (drawn by
    And the winner is…drum roll, please…Karenlopp!!! Congrats!! Please email me at to claim your prize!
    Thank you again, everyone!
    Have a wonderful day!


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