Kindle Unlimited—Good or Bad for Authors?

Very interesting article about Kindle Unlimited. I can see a potential benefit to Indie authors, if they are willing to go KDP Select. However, for small publishers, I’m not sure. Indie authors must go to KDP Select, and I assume traditional publishers have a choice, but what about the smaller publishers?

Kindle Unlimited—Good or Bad for Authors?.


Feel free to share your thoughts, concerns, or endorsements. And, if you have any experience with Kindle Unlimited, we’d love to hear from you.


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3 responses to “Kindle Unlimited—Good or Bad for Authors?

  1. Thanks for sharing, Alicia. If I understand the article right, buyers can get as many books as they want for practically nothing. I mean, thirty+ books at $2.99 each for only $9.99 is a lot of loss. It doesn’t sound so bad unless you get thousands a day downloading your book for three months. That is a potential thousands of dollars authors won’t see. Unless- as one commenter mentioned, the buyer leaves KDP Unlimited, which means they also lose all their books in the program so they choose to buy the books outright. I just don’t see a lot of that happening; cancellations or buying those same books.

    From a purely reader standpoint it sounds reasonable and great. But I’m not JUST a reader so it blurs the line extensively for me.


    • Actually, Calisa, for authors who can participate, it’s a great deal. If a reader downloads your book in KU and reads at least 10%, you get royalties on it. For authors who can’t participate, it might not be a good deal. For readers who read several books a month, it’s nice, but if you don’t already spend at least $10 a month on books, and if you read authors whose books are not a part of KU, then it wouldn’t be worth it. I guess it’s one of those things were there are advantages for some but not for others.


  2. How many of us have downloaded books to help out an author friend but haven’t yet read them? That’s the part that’s going to hurt–waiting until the purchaser reads 10% before receiving that royalty. I personally have only one title in KDP Select (the other 5 indies are available elsewhere) but will keep an eye on how that title fares.


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