New Release from The Wild Rose Press, plus a Fun Fact

Today I’m featuring a brand new release from The Wild Rose Press. Please check out the book with the fabulous cover, and be sure to visit Dawn’s website.


Dawn Douglas with Paris Rose, a contemporary romance novella

Can the pain and problems of the past ever be overcome? Or is Lucy Rawlinson’s mission to win back her ex-husband truly impossible?

Fun Fact: Ideas for stories are always churning around in my head. I’d been wanting to write Paris Rose for a long time but it didn’t all come together until after a  trip to Paris, when I was cooking a (French) meal at home and thinking about a short story I’d written a long time ago about a couple who’d parted over the devastating loss of a child. Even though that story was done and dusted, the characters in it  wouldn’t leave me alone. I sat down and began to write Paris Rose. 
Paris Rose
Available here for only $1.99!!!: AmazonThe Wild Rose Press
Find Dawn here:


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3 responses to “New Release from The Wild Rose Press, plus a Fun Fact

  1. Lovely to hear from another author whose story has had a long gestation period. Lovely post, Dawn. This is a story that had to be born at some point, right?


  2. All my stories take a long gestation period. Thanks for sharing.


  3. janarichards

    I like the premise of trying to rekindle a marriage. There’s a lot of history and baggage to work with! Best of luck!


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