New Release from Wild Rose Press – Plus, fun facts and favorite lines

This week, I have one new Wild Rose Press release being featured. (And it’s a hot one!)  Please check out the book and follow the author on Twitter and Facebook, etc.

Enjoy the wonderful story, fave lines, AND the fun fact tidbit…


Nona Raines with Read to Me, an erotic romance novella

A shared love of erotica leads to one passionate night. Can it also lead to love?

Fun fact: I got the idea for how the characters first meet from an incident I witnessed years ago while riding the bus. A lady passenger accidentally sat on a strange man’s lap! My little writer’s brain saved that up to use someday in a story.

A few favorite lines from the book: 

Had this man actually asked to read erotica with her? Yes.

And was she going to agree? Yes!



!!!  A Review Tour for Read to Me is currently taking place and I am offering two $50 GCs in a Rafflecopter Giveaway. Here is the link to participate:

Click here for the buy link on Amazon  or  The Wild Rose Press

Find Nona here:

Link to website:





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6 responses to “New Release from Wild Rose Press – Plus, fun facts and favorite lines

  1. Sounds great! The bus scene is a clever idea!


  2. Very hot premise! And I love how you came up with it! It’s cool how we writers can make a story out of just a moment.


  3. Your story just shows there are stories ideas all around us if we only keep our eyes–and imaginations–open. Best of luck !


  4. Your story idea makes me, as an author think—how many simple but significant scenes do we witness each day that could be the genesis of a story, or at the very least, give a basis for a great scene in one of our books. Thanks for raising my awareness with your post.


  5. Oh my goodness–sitting on a stranger’s lap on the bus: how awkward and funny! Love that you were able to work this into a story.


  6. What a fun inspiration for a first meeting! Love it 🙂


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