NEW Releases from The Wild Rose Press Fun Facts About the Authors

I am proud to share some of the latest releases from The Wild Rose Press… Please check out the books and follow these authors on Twitter and Facebook, etc.

Enjoy the wonderful stories AND the fun fact tidbits…


Angela Hayes with Love’s Battle, Fantasy Romance Novel

If love isn’t worth fighting for, what is?

Fun Fact: Love’s Battle is my first novel. Be sure to look for the follow ups, Faith’s Forever and Hope’s Wish-as soon as I get through writing them!!!!


****Love’s Battle is being offered at half price at $2.99 through the middle of July****

Click HERE to order from Amazon.

You can catch up with Angela Hayes at


Gini Rifkin with A Cowboy’s Fate, Historical Western Romance Novella

Former Mountain Man Era re-enactor, now living on a farmlette taking in abandoned animals

Fun Fact:  I travelled the same route my Hero & Heroine take from Denver to Leadville. It was much less fraught with danger in a car, but just as much “fun” when we got there.

A few lines from the story:

“I never claimed to be a gentleman,” he said.

“No, you didn’t. It was an illusion of my own making. A mistake I shall not fall prey to again.”


Click HERE to order

Find Gina here:



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13 responses to “NEW Releases from The Wild Rose Press Fun Facts About the Authors

  1. These look great! Congrats to the authors and good luck with your releases!


    • Thank you for stopping by. Yes, they DO look great, don’t they? That’s one drawback to hosting this spotlight each week. I want to read almost all the books, and I don’t have the time! 🙂 Aren’t the covers amazing?


  2. Ashantay Peters

    Love the covers! Best wishes for successful releases!


  3. Thanks for having me Alicia, the blog looks great. Love Gini’s quotes.


  4. Linda Trout

    Wonderful covers and I enjoyed the fun facts. Isn’t it funny where/how stories originate in our minds?


  5. Great covers! Best of luck to the authors.


  6. I enjoyed having you here, Angela. Thank you! Yes, I do love hearing how story ideas came about, hearing about research, etc. Thanks for stopping by everyone!


  7. Congrats to the authors on their new releases!


  8. I think this is a generous thing you’re doing for all of us. Many many thanks.
    Veronica Lynch, Wild Women Authors


  9. You’re welcome, Veronica/Kat. I’m so happy to do it. I love TWRP, love new books, it’s a win-win. 😉 Thank you for stopping by, Katie.


  10. Hebby Roman

    Love the Wild Rose Press covers and what great new books are being offered weekly. TWRP authors rock!


  11. I’m with you, Alicia. I want to read them all!


  12. Yes, they do, Hebby! 🙂 – Marissa, we need more R&R time, don’t we?


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