My author friend, Leah St. James, and Surrender to Sanctuary….

I’m happy to share one of my favorite romanic suspense novels. Surrender to Sanctuary is an excellent story, rife with danger, emotion, passion, and twists.



A young woman is brutally murdered, her body dropped into the sea and carried by the tides onto the beach at a federal park at the Jersey Shore.  Hometown investigators believe the woman simply partied too hard and fell overboard, but FBI Agents David Owens and Anna Parker know better. 

David and Anna quickly trace the victim’s path from a local adult BDSM club to a dangerous and shadowed world that caters to those who practice a lifestyle of domination and submission, and not just for fun and games. 

To find the truth and stop a madman before he can kill again, they will need to break all the rules. They will need to pose as Master, and as slave. And despite their growing attraction and possibly love for each other, they’ll need to give the performances of their lives—because discovery means certain death. 

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SURRENDER TO SANCTUARY is the first of three stories that takes a look at a controversial ancient lifestyle and the people who practice it—people who’ll do anything to protect its future. Look for the second book, ESCAPE TO SANCTUARY, in late 2013. 

About Leah St. James:

Leah is a worrier, a self-described neurotic who tends to imagine the worst-case scenario in response to brewing troubles. She hasn’t decided if this leaning toward the dark side is what draws her to write edgy, gritty stories, or if the suspenseful mysteries and Gothic romances that filled her childhood bookshelves somehow imprinted their shadows on her psyche.  Despite (or maybe because of) this propensity for infusing her fiction with murder and mayhem, she still craves those happily-ever-after endings and the romance of everlasting love.

You can read more about Leah at

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6 responses to “My author friend, Leah St. James, and Surrender to Sanctuary….

  1. Lovely blog, Alicia. Great post, Leah! Way to go, ladies.
    -R.T. Wolfe


  2. Great post, Leah. What an interesting book & series. I love your description of yourself as being a worrier (worst case scenario). That’s me, too. 🙂


  3. Many thanks, Alicia, for having me on your blog today, and for your kind words about the book. 🙂 Anna and David are two of my favorite characters, and I’m enjoying on working on their next story.


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