Free books to celebrate my ex’s birthday….

And the winner is….

Goldie Edwards! Her name was drawn for the 9 Tales of the Scrimshaw Doll short stories. Congratulations, Goldie. And Congratulations to the winners of a copy of Liberty Awakened: Goldie Edwards, Rebecca Ward, Joelle Walker, Monique DeVere, and G. Ogan. Thank you all for commenting!

In honor of my ex-husband’s 50th birthday today, one lucky commenter will receive a FREE e-book copy of EACH of the 9 Tales of the Scrimshaw Doll stories for the Kindle or Nook. (Note: The English Lily and Trail of Hope are currently only available on the Kindle). Check out the list here on Amazon.

Tales of the Scrimshaw Doll Blog

PLUS – 5 commenters will receive a FREE ebook copy of my vampire novella Liberty Awakened, Isle of Fangs Book 1 All you have to do is leave your email address in a comment. Feel free to comment further, but be sure to leave your email address. The winners will be chosen this Saturday, March 2nd.


Sounds like a strange offer, doesn’t it? 🙂 I just thought it would be kind of fun, kind of different. And, in spite of our divorce seventeen years ago, my ex and I have remained friends. After having worked in the office of divorce attorneys, I’m well aware of what a rare blessing an amicable dissolution is. We have three grown children together, and they are close to both of us, and are close to their stepmother. You can’t ask for much more than that. Not that we haven’t had our issues in the past, but compared to some of the cases I’ve seen, our divorce was a breeze. (People going through a divorce or custody battle can be insane!!!)

So, at least leave your email address, but if you’d like to also leave a comment, such as sharing (briefly) about your experience with a divorce, or about your perfect marriage, or anything along those lines, feel free.

Happy Birthday, Terry!


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23 responses to “Free books to celebrate my ex’s birthday….

  1. Rebecca Ward
    I have been married for almost 18 years, Our marriage did not start out very smooth, in fact we almost did not make it to our 7th anniversary. It took time for us to both grow up and realize we are a unit…and are in it together. Things are better than ever and we appreciate each other for everything we do. I have a husband who cares about the house. He does 85 of the housework, will cook if needed, and takes care of anything else in need. We both work 6-7 days week. All of it is a team effort. I adore him! I would hope if we were to ever part, we could still remain good and true friends. And why you ask? Because no matter how old our children are, and how old our grandkids are, they need us to lead by example, that no matter what, you can try to get along.

    Rebecca Ward.


  2. With almost 30 years under our belts, I cheer anyone who makes it past 10. lol Happy birthday, Terry!


  3. Jessica Subject

    Wow, I think it’s amazing that you two are still friends. As you said, it’s not like that in many divorce cases. I’m sure your children appreciate it. 🙂

    Happy Birthday to your ex!


  4. Goldie Edwards

    What a great way to celebrate a relationship that brought much to your life. I am certain it has helped your children that all of you get along.


  5. WOW, I think you are very fortunate to have had an amicable divorse and to still be on speaking terms! My daughter had her then husband of just a few years come home and say he wanted a divorse because he was going to join the military. That divorse was fairly straight forward, eventhough the idiot strung it out so he could get paid for being married (none of which he sent to my daughter). The CURRENT situation is one brought on first by the same “excuse” but then it was found to be a cheating situtation as well (he didn’t go in the military after all and now realizes he made a mistake and wants her back – she won’t). I have Paranormal Romance books out myself: Immortal Relations and Immortal Relations, Love and War on Amazon and Kindle (I’m working on my third, Immortal Relations Coming Out…which is coming out to humans that they are more than a story, myth or fable). My vampire stories are a completely different “take” on vampires and I love to read other’s vampire stories (so I’d love to get one of your vampire stories on Kindle – will happily leave a review). If you can, please check out mine – the first was called Erotic, but the second has less “explicit togetherness” (as I call s-e-x)! (-; FYI: is my e-mail


    • Forgot to say, My wife and I have been married over 45 years and have a married son and my soon to be twice devorsed daughter (neither one “her fault”). Since I’m a male, can I call those of my gender who treat ladies like all to many of us do, less than flatering names? LOL


      • Hahaha. I totally get you wanting to call them less than flattering names. The thing is, in our office, we have just as many male clients as female. And trust me, women can be just as bad as men. I’m always amazed at the number of fathers who really want to be fathers. It’s heart-warming.


    • Gosh, your daughter has been through it, hasn’t she? Your titles sound interesting, thank you for sharinig the info. I’ll take a look. I’m curious about your ‘take’ on vampires. It’s always interesting when an old theme is given a new spin.


      • Yes, but like they say, “That which doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” and she is one of the strongest young ladies you’d ever hope to meet (and she is beautiful to boot – but don’t all fathers think that about their daughters?). She is a Concealed Handgun Instructor in Houston (where women really need to be armed and know how to use them)! As for my vampires – they protect humans from both evil vampires and a greater danger – politicians who want to be dictators!


  6. Your personal story is inspiring. What a gracious woman you are. 🙂
    I’m going to have to get the Scrimshaw Dolls regardless if I win or not. Love the idea of the book.

    Thank you,

    Linda Joyce


    • Thank you, Linda. I don’t know that I’m gracious. I was blessed and my situation and my ex’s attitude helped a great deal. I hope you enjoy the series. It has been so much fun, and I think the stories are great. It’s interesting to see the different ways the authors incorporate the doll.


      • Could you give an example of the differences in the stories without giving anything away?




      • Sure, I could give a few examples. In mine,Thicker than Water, the doll is owned by the heroine’s best friend, and the heroine wonders if her BFF is a little nuts because BFF thinks the doll is killing people.

        In Color of Betrayal, the doll belongs to the hero, although it once belonged to the heroine. The doll has caused mishaps (in the form of broken nose)s to befall the heroine’s previous boyfriends (the curse stays with the owner even if the doll is no longer in the owner’s possession, until true love breaks the curse)

        In Pirate’s Proposal, which is the original story where it all began, the doll belongs to a female pirate captain, passed down from her mother, and the doll plays a role in the danger and love that ensues.

        Those are just some examples. The curse attached to the doll is ‘all those who betray you will suffer’ but that could mean that those who betray the owner suffer, or the owner suffers if the doll perceives she’s been betrayed. Only true love can break the curse, so of course, our creepy little doll helps our characters find their HEA. 🙂


  7. 14 years! O.M.G. And they said, and he probably said, and I KNOW I said that it’d never last… I attribute much of our marital success to our move to TX, the kids are all grown, and he does all the cooking. =) As to exes, I get along famously with mine, but then they’ve both passed. RIP, Vernon and Mike. Happy Birthday, Terry.


  8. L0ve this post! I knew you were special and this proves it! I have all the scrimshaw books but thanks. Would love your vampire series! 😉 I think I have one of them. Again, enjoyed your post. My sentiments exactly!


    • Aww, Jess. Thanks for the kind words. I’m not special, I was just lucky. 🙂 You’ll have one out in the series before too long…yay! So far, my vampire series is just the one book, but I hope to have a new one out in March. Thanks for stopping by.


  9. Happy Birthday, Terry!

    I married my teen sweetheart and have an amazing, happy marriage of 22 years. I can’t imagine every being without him–yeah, not even then! How fortunate you are to have had such an amicable divorce. You mentioned the kids’ step-mom but I hope you found love again???? Your own HEA? 🙂


    • Now that’s a romance, marrying your teen sweetheart and still being in love after 22 years. Very nice! No, no one for me, but I prefer it that way. I do much better single. My HEA is my amazing children, family, friends, and writing career. 🙂


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