You’ve Got the Look….

I was tagged by the talented Su Halfwerk for the ‘You’ve Got the Look’ blog game. (Su created my amazing book trailers for Death Notice and Death Offerings – she’s a genius)

You’re supposed to find the first use of the word ‘look’ in your WIP and provide an excerpt of the surrounding paragraphs. Below is mine from my very rough draft of Liberty Awakened – Isle of Fangs, Book 1.

I’m also VERY pleased to unveil my brand new cover created by Clary Carey:



Evil lurks beneath the surface in the beauty of the tropics…

After graduation from her small, Oklahoma high school, Liberty Delacort is looking forward to a fun-filled summer before college. But when the people she trusts the most betray her, and a letter arrives claiming her deceased father is still alive, she jumps at the chance to travel to an exotic island to meet him.

But her excitement is short-lived. In spite of its outward tranquility, the island is filled with danger and ominous secrets. The secrets soon begin to unravel, and she learns she is a descendant of Van Helsing, the vampire hunter.

The one up side is her budding romance with the sweet and sexy Ryan Chambers. But even that is threatened when—in spite of her fear of him—she finds herself attracted to a formidable vampire who is the only one with the ability to train her to fulfill her destiny—to save humans from a faction of vicious vampires.

Here’s an excerpt. It’s not a very exciting part of the story, but I had to go with the first use of ‘look’ – No vampires in this scene, darnit.

“Come on, babe.” Cam’s sandy brown hair flopped on his forehead, covering one of his gorgeous blue eyes. “I’ve waited a long time. You can’t keep doing this to me.”

Liberty bit her lip, torn between wanting to please him and knowing she wasn’t ready. “I-I can’t. I’m sorry. We said we’d wait.”

“We have waited.” A hard edge tinged the words. “But we graduated tonight. We’re adults now. We’ve been together four years. What’s the big deal?”

“I’m just not ready.”

His mouth turned down in a bitter frown. “I’m starting to wonder if you’ll ever be ready.”

Misery weighted her chest. “Me too.”

He grunted and shook his head. “I don’t get it. What are you waiting for?”

“I don’t know.”

But she did know. She’d read a romance once where the heroine said the hero’s touch made the blood rush to her head. Made her weak with desire. She couldn’t think straight when he touched her. Everything inside her cried out for him to make love to her. That was what Liberty wanted. If that ever happened to her, then she’d be ready. Yeah, sure. It was fiction. And she might die a virgin, but she wasn’t willing to give up on that dream. Not yet.

Cam ran a hand through his hair. He opened his mouth, but before he spoke, a loud crash like breaking glass sounded, followed by a male scream and female shrieks.

“What the hell?”

Cam ran into the living room, and Liberty rushed in behind him.

Dell Collona lay in a bed of broken beer bottles, writhing and screaming. Half a dozen people stood around him, mouths gaping open. The rest of the crowd seemed oblivious to the accident and continued partying.

Blood seeped from beneath Dell’s body. Liberty froze, covering her mouth with her hand to hold in a scream. Nausea cramped her stomach. Her legs went weak, and black spots danced before her eyes.

“For God’s sake, someone call 9-1-1.” Cam squatted beside Dell, gently rolling him to inspect his injuries.

Liberty couldn’t move. Her cell was in her pocket, but she couldn’t make her hands work.

Blood. She shuddered. The sight of blood terrified her, made her want to vomit, but she couldn’t seem to look away.

Voices rose around her.

What happened?

Evan dared him to dive into those beer bottles.

And he did it? What a dufus.

“Are you okay?” Her best friend, Alyssa, took her arm and gave it a shake. “Liberty, are you all right?”

Liberty nodded. “We need to-to call…”

“I called 9-1-1. They’re on their way.”

“Okay. Good.” Liberty found the willpower to turn away. She clutched her stomach and doubled over. I will not throw up. I will not throw up.

Alyssa rubbed her back. “It’s okay. He’ll be fine.”

How did she know? He might not be fine. He could die.

In moments, the sound of sirens penetrated her numbness. The front door flew open and two EMT’s entered, wheeling a gurney between them. Liberty didn’t turn around, didn’t want to watch as they treated Dell. As they wheeled him past her and out the door.

Once they were gone, guilt set in. What kind of friend was she? She hadn’t even called for help.


And, I am tagging…(All but Judy knew this was coming. Sorry, Judy…Love ya!)

Cait OSullivan

Patti Shenberger

Calisa Rhose

Kathy L Wheeler

Judy Ridgely


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  1. Great post and LOVE that cover! Guess I need to go put mine up now? My post, not a cover. 🙂


  2. Enjoyed the excerpt, and I LOVE the cover. Best of luck with it, Alicia.


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