Polish it Write – Online Writing Course

I love sharing what I’ve learned during my years of writing and editing. The best way I can think of doing that is through online courses. Every other month, beginning January 2018, I will teach an online writing course titled “Polish it Write,” which will cover various aspects of revising and self- editing.
The introductory cost is $21.00 but that will increase sometime in 2018.
Below is the information. Please contact me at Alicia@AliciaDean.com for any questions. Hope to see you in class!
‘Polish it Write’ Online Course – Revising/Self-Editing
Instructor: Alicia Dean (Contact email: Alicia@AliciaDean.com)
Alicia is an editor for an online publishing company, a freelance editor, and an author of more than 25 published works. She has given several workshops to writing groups and at conferences and has also provided one-on-one assistance to countless writers. She is now launching an online course so that more authors can benefit from her years of expertise to hone their writing skills.
$21.00 for 4 week course – The week of January 8, 2018 through the week of January 29, 2018
Designed to teach writers how to revise and polish their work, how to recognize and correct pitfalls, and what steps they can take to make their writing the best it can be.
Each Monday, using clear examples and providing handouts, Alicia will post a weekly lesson on the below topics. Participants will have the opportunity to submit a page each week for critique, ask questions, and receive personalized assistance.
You do not need to be at your computer at any particular time. Take the course at your convenience.

Once students have completed the course, they may send a portion of their manuscript (up to 2,500 words) for Alicia to edit/critique.

Week One Lesson:
• Filter words that distance readers and result in ‘telling’ vs ‘showing’
• Other ‘telling vs showing’ tips and when ‘telling’ is preferred
• Deep Point of View
Week Two Lesson:
• Point of View / Headhopping
• Passive writing
• Distant POV
Week Three Lesson:
• Misplaced/Dangling modifiers
• Unnecessary words and phrases
• Dialogue tags / action tags
Week Four Lesson:
• Self-Editing Steps
Interested in signing up? Complete the three steps below…
1) Send $21.00 via PayPal to: Alicem68@aol.com
3) You will be notified about joining a Facebook group before your class starts
Other class dates:
Beginning the first Monday of each of the following months…