Authors Friends & Other Sites

AJ Kurtz-Author

All About Romance-Books

Amelia Kingston-Author

Aster North-Author

Awesome Gang-Blog

Barefoot at Midnight-Blog

Charlene Perry-Author

Dear Author-Blog

Dee James-Author

Dirty Girl Romance-Blog

EReader Love-Blog

Gina Manis-Author

Hot Stuff Romance-Books

Indie Author News-Blog

Jaclyn Roche-Author

Jessica White-Author

Jo Morningstar-Author

Jude Cocaigne-Author

Judith Lynne-Author

Julia Greene-Author

Just Paranormal Romance-Books

K.M. Ryan-Author

Kelly’s Book Blog-Blog

Laura Thalassa-Author

Leeah Taylor- Author

Lexxy Vorpahl-Author

Lily Grey-Author

Lorraine Pearl- Author

Lovely Book Promotions-Website

Maggie Blackbird-Author

Mayumi Cruz-Author

My Book Cave-Website

My Romance Reads-Website

Natasha is a Book Junkie-Books

PNR Lovers-Blog

Pretty Hot-Blog

Red Rose Romance-Website

Romance Reader Review: The Book Blog

Quell T. Fox-Author

Revision Division-Editor

Romance Junkies-Blog

Romance Reader Review-Website

Shameless Book Club-Website

Silvana Sanchez-Author

Sinfully Gay Book Reviews-Blog

Smart Bitches Trachy Books-Blog

Smexy Books-Blog

Steamy Reads- Books

Stephanie Flynn-Author

Tamara Whitlow-Author


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