Author Promo: Friday Fragment / 99 Cent Blog Post / SpotaLie

I love to promote other authors, and below are a few of the ways I do so, for absolutely free. If you wish to participate in any or all, please fill out the appropriate form.

*** I do not need a cover for any of these. I will download the cover from the book link. Thank you!

Friday Fragment

Each Friday, I list three books by three different authors For each book, I list a snippet from that book, and two snippets from other books by that author. Readers can play to win a $25 gift card each month by guessing which of the snippets belongs to each listed book.

Here is the link for the first Friday Fragment post.  Each week, I share the previous week’s answers and provide the name of the person who was the first to guess all three correctly.

If you wish to participate, please complete the form below (this has no effect on any other guest spots on my blog. You may send me your info for this contest, whether or not you are also a guest on my blog via one of my other features) – Once you send me the info, you do not have to do anything else. However, you are encouraged to share, comment and interact on the blog post. You can be featured more than once, with a different book, but your spots must be at least 30 days apart. Feel free to submit another book two weeks to thirty days after your book is featured.

I will schedule all submissions on a first come-first served basis and will let you know which week you are to be featured. Keep in mind, as more authors participate, your week could take a while to come up.

Friday Fragment Blog Form

99 Cent Blog Post:

On the third Sunday of each month, I post a list of 99 cent books. Submissions must be received by noon CST on the third Saturday of the month. Please complete the form below.

Book must be 99 cents at the time of the blog post and must be available for that price through Amazon).

** Each Author may list TWO books (in separate forms please)

** If your book has already been featured, please skip three months before listing again

**I will share the blog post link once it’s up on the Yahoo loop mentioned below, and I will also try to share on all the other loops, but you can check this link on the Sunday of the blog post if you haven’t seen the link by mid-morning that Sunday:

If you wish to join a Yahoo loop where I send reminders each month, and provide the link once the blog is up, and where there is NO other communication, no chatter, since only I can post, you can do so by going here: (It’s a good way to stay updated on all my promo features)

99 Cent Blog Form 


A Facebook game where I post a different author each week on my Author FB Page here:

I list your author name/featured book link and then list three facts about you (that you have provided). One is a lie, the other two are truths. These are just short, fun facts. You can check the past or current Spotalie post to see the kind of things we list. Readers guess in the comments which is the lie. (I ask in the form for you to provide the lie in the first box, but I will switch them up when I post them). Once a month, I give away a $25 Amazon gift card to one winner drawn from entries in this game AND my Friday Fragment blog post. The first to guess correctly on each game each week receives an additional entry.

SpotaLie featured authors are encouraged to share the post and interact with commenters. The post goes up each Sunday and I share the correct answer for the week before, along with the new featured author.

SpotaLie Blog Form

Additionally, I host authors on my blog with interviews, spotlights, etc. Please check out the info here: 

For any questions, please fill out my contact form here

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