Wednesday’s Want, Wed, Waste: Elvis Presley’s Co-Stars – Giveaway – 99¢ Ebooks!

Hello and welcome to my version of the game, ‘F*@#’, Marry, Kill. This week, in honor of Elvis Presley’s birthday, we are WWW’ing three of his co-stars. I chose not to WWW Elvis because, for one, he’s incomparable. For another, no matter who was on the list, I would Wed and Want Elvis. Lastly, I wouldn’t take it very well if anyone wasted him. 🙂

So…myself and some of my friends are sharing our Want, Wed, and Waste choices from this week’s list:

Charles Bronson (Kid Gallahad), Bill Bixby (Speedway and Clambake), Dick Sargent (Live a Little, Love a Little)

charles bill bixby dick

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Want: That would have to be Charles Bronson. He’s rugged and tough and sexy. I think it’s so awesome that he co-starred in an Elvis movie, then went on to be a huge star. Side note: My ex and I watched a lot of Bronson movies when we were married. He didn’t believe me when I told him Bronson played second fiddle to Elvis in a movie. I had to prove it to him. Then I had to divorce him. (That’s not really why, but it makes the story more interesting, right?)

Wed: Bill Bixby. He was a cutie and seemed like he’d make a good husband. Plus, it would be very handy if I was in jeopardy and he hulked out. (I really believe that could have happened)

Waste: Dick Sargent. I didn’t like it when he took over as Darrin for Dick York on Bewitched. He was also a BIG dweeb in Live a Little, Love a Little.


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Wed: Dick Sargeant (this was a toss up because Bronson would be a great protector. 🙂 but Sargent is …well? Samantha’s hubby. 🙂

Waste: Oh dear. Bill Bixby (sorry Hulk)

Want: Um, well?  I guess Bronson goes here then.


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Want: Bill Bixby- I always thought he was kind of cute, and he’d make an excellent husband I think, but I don’t want Charles Bronson or Dick Sargent, so…

Wed: Charlie Bronson- he’s make a great watch dog!

Waste: Dick Sargent- Not that I have anything against Dick Sargent per se, but of the three, he seems like maybe he has just a little edge of nastiness to him…? Am I wrong? Anyone else get that from him? I’m sure that some people would enjoy that snark, but I am attracted to kind-hearted guys. Not that Dick Sargent wasn’t, he may have been a great guy, but he wasn’t blatant about it, if you know what I mean.


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Want: Bill Bixby. Handsome. Okay, hot. I just hope he doesn’t get too excited and become the Incredible Hulk.

Wed: Charles Bronson. What a tough guy. You could depend on him to protect the ranch. Good husband material in his real life. I remember how devoted he was to his wife, Jill Ireland, until she died.

Waste: Dick Sargent. I can’t see him without thinking of Bewitched. All the Darrins were dorks.


Qwillia Rain, author of In A Lover’s Silence    Website/Blog:

Want: Bill Bixby…but only because I liked him as Bruce Banner, but I wouldn’t like to keep him permanently.

Wed: Charles Bronson! This is a no-brainer for me. Charles Bronson was always a strong and determined character, and he always exuded a powerful, in-control nature that truly appeals to me.

Waste: Dick Sargent, much as I enjoyed him as Samantha’s husband on Bewitched, but there’s just something about his passive nature that turns me off.


Now we’d like to hear from you….which of these Elvis co-stars would you Want, Wed, and Waste?

Thanks for playing!


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25 responses to “Wednesday’s Want, Wed, Waste: Elvis Presley’s Co-Stars – Giveaway – 99¢ Ebooks!

  1. Well, this is a no-brainer for me.
    Want- Charles Bronson, because who wouldn’t want him?
    Wed- Charles Bronson, because he’s awesome and was a great husband to Jill Ireland, a great and beautiful actress. And he’s H.O.T. He was always my fave actor growing up. I watched every movie many times over.
    Waste- Bill and What’s his name. Not that I don’t like Bill Bixby, but I’m not a Hulk fan and that would be the only way I’d see him and it turns me off- even though Lou Ferigno was really the hulk. lol And ‘Darren’? Just no. I’d rather have Samantha!


    • Qwillia

      I’m with you on the Charles Bronson, Calisa. I’ve always loved him and the roles he’s played (favorites are still the Danny “Tunnel King” in Great Escape, Harmonica in Once Upon A Time in the West, and the military copy in Rider on the Rain)…I tend to think of Bill Bixby more as Bruce Banner…but I could never believe he’d get angry.


    • You cheated! You can’t have one person for both. 🙂 But I will let it slide. Yep, I love Bronson and his Death Wish movies and one of my faves was 10 to Midnight…loved that line toward the end. Bronson was bad A$$. (I would also rather have Samantha, by the way.)


  2. janninegallant

    The only one who does anything for me is Bill Bixby. He’s cute, and I could always hope he’d morph into the hulk–keep the muscles, lose the green afterglow! LOL


  3. winonabennettcross

    Well, guess I would want any of them just to be near Elvis and his pelvis . . . But, on with the game.

    Want–Charles Bronson–he’s rough and tough. A bad boy. Every girl’s dream, at least for a short while.

    Wed–Bill Bixby but only because Dick Sargeant seems like such skinny dick. No offense, Samantha. Never could understand why you didn’t wiggle your nose and turn him into a hunk. But, love is blind.


    • Hahaha, you crack me up. Ditto the Elvis thing. Notice ‘the man’ appeared in each of the above pics of his co-stars? 🙂 So true about Samantha. But then, she could have taken off and lived the fun life of a witch, never mind turning her stodgy husband into a hunk.


  4. I couldn’t wed Bronson, you’d be stuck. I would wed Bill Bixby or Dick Sargent. (I hated the Dick that took his place). But I think I would “want” Bronson, but wouldn’t need him, if Bill hulked out. Hmmm.


  5. Loved the answers even if I’ve only ever heard of Charles Bronson. I know, my bad. Have a great hump day!


  6. I’m with Calisa on this. Want and Wed Bronson. I love him! The Death Wish series are among my favs. He’s on my Pinterest list of Heroes & Heroines I think about when I write. 🙂 And like you, anyone who wastes Elvis is on my S- list!


  7. Want: Charles Bronson. He’s too hot to handle on a regular basis – I’d never get anything done!
    Wed: Bill Bixby. Loved him in Courtship of Eddie’s Father – a real family man.
    Waste: He might have been a nice guy, but that nasally voice would drive me nuts after a while!


  8. Want: Charles Bronson, a pure alpha male.
    Wed: Bill Bixby He played in the Courtship of Eddie’s Father. Of course, I’d go with a Mr. Mom who is secure in his masculinity no matter what he is doing.
    Waste: Dick: Need I say more?


  9. I looove bill bixby–the magician and courtship of eddie’s father (tv) so he’d be want.
    dick sargent was the better bewitched hubby–less whiny, more depth. so I’d wed him—hey he made a good living…
    never liked charles bronson so bye-bye baby.
    happy elvis birthday everyone! hope you’re all enjoying peanut butter and jelly cake in celebration. (and you have put up the elvis tree, I presume…)


    • I suppose Sargent didn’t take as much crap as the other Darrin, but still… Of course, I’m also basing it on his character in Live a Little, Love a Little. I wanted to pummel him. No Elvis tree for me, but that’s not a bad idea. Hmmm…. (And HOW can you not like Bronson??? At least someone didn’t waste poor lil ole’ Dick)


  10. It’s funny that you all thought of Bill Bixby as The Hulk–I thought of him as Eddy’s father…I think I just dated myself…


  11. Bill Bixby is my “want” too. I’m really aging myself, but my first thought of him was in “My Favorite Martian”! Then “Courtship of Eddie’s Father.” The other two are toss-ups for me in both categories. I don’t really like or really dislike either! I do have to disagree,though, that Dick Sargent was the better Darren Stevens. I liked Dick York much better! (Again, aging myself!)


    • Ah, shoot, Leah. I believe most of us here are somewhat ‘mature’ women. I remember My Favorite Martian, but wasn’t crazy about the show. I also liked Dick York better. Do you know why he had to quite? Back injuries he suffered in a film he was making. There’s your shot of trivia for the day…you’re welcome! Also…did you know Dick Sargent ‘came out’ not long before he died? Again, you’re welcome!


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