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Katie O’Sullivan and her 99¢ Mermaid Books!!!

I am happy to introduce author, Katie O’Sullivan and her books about mermaids. Who doesn’t love mermaids???

Happy Holidays, and thanks for inviting me to your blog today, Alicia! I’m excited to share the news about a HUGE KINDLE SALE going on at my other publisher, Crescent Moon Press. Load up your Kindle with some great reads, or send them as holiday gifts! 

The first two books of my young adult paranormal series are available at this sale price until the end of December. SON OF A MERMAID introduces us to a secret world hidden beneath the waves… yes, I’m talking about mermaids! Here’s the cover and blurb:




About the Book: 

Shea MacNamara’s life just got complicated. 

After a freak tornado devastates his Oklahoma farm, the fifteen-year-old orphan moves to Cape Cod to live with a grandmother he’s never met. Struggling to make sense of his new surroundings, he meets a girl along the shore who changes his life forever. 

Kae belongs to an undersea world hidden from drylanders. The daughter of royal servants, she knows the planned marriage of her Princess to the foreign King should put an end to the war between the clans. Two things stand in the way of lasting peace: an ambitious Regent and rumors of a half-human child who will save the oceans. 

Sparks fly when she meets Shea, but could the cute drylander really be the Son of a Mermaid?


Buy it on AMAZON here : http://www.amazon.com/Son-Mermaid-Katie-OSullivan-ebook/dp/B00CRLSH9G/ref=pd_sim_b_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=1V8ZK9N5K662TN0TQ76K


The second book in the series is BLOOD OF A MERMAID, also part of this great Kindle 99 cent sale! The story picks up a few weeks after the first book ends. I absolutely love this cover art! 



About the Book:

Mermaid blood.

When Shea MacNamara fell into the ocean for the first time, he found he could breathe underwater. The son of a mermaid, the sea is in his blood. Literally. The best part of Shea’s new life? His girlfriend Kae, who also happens to be a beautiful mermaid.

But darkness lurks under the sea. When evil mermen kidnap Kae, the king reminds Shea that having royal blood means making tough choices. 

An Arctic dungeon, a fiery plane crash, the legendary halls of Atlantis…and narwhals?

Having mermaid blood just got a lot more complicated.


Buy it on AMAZON here: http://www.amazon.com/Blood-Mermaid-Katie-OSullivan-ebook/dp/B00KAKMPV2/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1400237013&sr=1-2&keywords=blood+of+a+mermaid


As a special holiday treat, here’s an excerpt from the first book. Enjoy – and don’t forget to download your copy before the sale runs out! 

Excerpt from Son of a Mermaid: 

Her body shivered under his touch, and he remembered why they’d come upstairs in the first place. “Are you still cold?” he asked as he put his arm around her and hugged her against him. She felt warm against him, her body radiating heat like a bonfire. Her hair smelled of salt air and sunshine.

“I’m not cold,” she whispered as she shivered again. “Just scared.”

He cupped her cheek with his hand and tipped her face upward, looking down into her wide eyes. “Don’t be,” he whispered back, and kissed her lightly. Her lips were soft and tasted of salt and sweetness, like the saltwater taffy they sold in the center of town. He wound his fingers through her golden locks, her hair silky and fine to his touch like spun sunshine, as he locked his lips more firmly to hers. His heart hammered within his chest, the blood pounding in his ears drowning out the world around them, he felt as though he were tumbling through space…until a sharp bark brought him back to the present and he opened his eyes. Lucky was standing next to the bed, prodding Kae with his black muzzle.

Kae drew away suddenly, her cheeks flaming red once again. “Oh,” she said, jumping to her feet. “Oh, I’m so sorry!”

“Sorry?” Shea stood slowly, his brow knotting with confusion. “What is there to be sorry about?”

“I… I… Maybe we’d better get going. My father will know what to do to help your mother.” She turned abruptly and walked into the hallway. He felt like all the heat had left the room with her, his heart still beat with a rapid, steady sharpness. Sorry? Why would she say that?

Lucky still stood next to Shea. He looked down at the dog and frowned. “Way to go, dog,” he muttered. “Rule number one? Never interrupt a first kiss.”

Lucky gave another sharp bark and wagged his tail.


About the Author: 

Katie O’Sullivan lives with her family and big dogs next to the ocean on Cape Cod, drinking way too much coffee and inventing new excuses not to dust. A recovering English major, she earned her degree at Colgate University and writes romance for young adults and the young at heart. Her editing column, “The Write Way,” appears in the Literary Women section of CapeWomenOnline magazine. 

Living next to the Atlantic influences everything she writes. Her YA mermaid series begins in Nantucket Sound with SON OF A MERMAID, and continues the undersea adventures with BLOOD OF A MERMAID, coming from Crescent Moon Press in May 2014. Her latest contemporary romance from The Wild Rose Press is MY KIND OF CRAZY, a Cape Cod story of second chances and starting over.


Website: www.katie-osullivan.com

Blog: http://katieosullivan.blogspot.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorKatieOSullivan

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OkatieO

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/3326303.Katie_O_Sullivan

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/author/katieosullivan


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Elvis Presley – Ramblings of a Lifelong Fan – Part 25 – Elvis’ Women:

It is a well-known fact that Elvis Presley loved females, and of course, females most definitely loved him. He had many, many women in his life over the years, but only a few long-term relationships. In the years before he went into the army, he had a handful of girlfriends, the most serious of them being Anita Wood. It is rumored that Gladys, Elvis’ mother, wanted him to marry Anita, but their relationship fizzled about the time he met Priscilla.


Elvis and Ann Margaret dated and they had a special bond. She claims he was her soul mate. Some people close to Elvis say that he truly loved her. I’m not sure what happened between them, but she loved him always and attended his funeral. I think they made a beautiful couple.

elvis and ann86c8db51acce2a

Priscilla – He met the girl who would be the only woman he ever took as a wife in Germany when she was fourteen. There has been a lot of criticism and slander toward Elvis about his interest in such a young girl, but Priscilla was very mature for her age, and Elvis was lonely in the army. (And it should be noted, he was only ten years older than her, not a huge disparity)  When he met her, he felt an immediate connection. They spent hours and hours talking. They were chaperoned when they were together, and even though she eventually came to live at Graceland, from her own account, Elvis wanted to wait until they were married, and they did not have sex with her until their wedding night. (Lisa Marie was born 9 months to the day after they married) And, although Suzanne Finstad wrote a book titled ‘Child Bride – The Untold Story,’ Priscilla was actually a few weeks shy of twenty-two when they married, which is far from a child. (Ms. Finstad probably needs to brush up on her math skills.) (I haven’t read the book, and I don’t intend to. I have heard that it is filled with vile accusations and her version of the events is in direct opposition of Priscilla’s. I actually don’t read any books about Elvis, they usually just piss me off and I don’t know whether to believe anything in them. But then, that’s a topic for another blog. J) Elvis and Priscilla split in 1972 and divorced in 1973. From her account, they remained close until the day he died. My feelings about Priscilla have waffled from dislike to admiration over the years and have now settled somewhere in between. As a young girl, I was very jealous of her (well, I’m still jealous of her, if I’m being honest). I was also infuriated that she had an affair with Mike Stone, her karate instructor, while married to Elvis. Yes, I have heard that Elvis had affairs, but when you are Elvis Presley and you can have literally any woman in the world, it must be difficult to remain faithful. (I know I’m going to be lambasted for excusing his infidelity, but seriously, can you imagine what it would be like to know you could have sex with anyone in the world you wanted to? That must be a pretty powerful temptation). Anyway, I finally grew to appreciate Priscilla for what she’s done with Graceland and keeping Elvis’ memory alive and treating his legacy with respect. I understand she has said some pretty uncomplimentary things about him in the past, but now she has nothing but good to say about him.




Linda Thompson – I have decided that Linda is my favorite of all of Elvis’ women. I believe that she truly, deeply loved him. They were together for about four years, and I think Elvis loved her very much and that he counted on her for moral support. Linda took good care of Elvis and she herself has said she feels somewhat guilty because if she had stayed, Elvis might still be alive. She said Elvis was the love of her life, but he was unfaithful, and also, she couldn’t live the vampire lifestyle any longer. Her brother was one of Elvis’ bodyguards, and after Elvis and Linda broke up, he asked her if it would bother her if he stayed in Elvis’ employ. She said no, it would make her feel better to know he was there looking out for him. Eight months after Linda left, Elvis passed away. Linda learned of Elvis’ death from Lisa Marie, who was only 9. She called Linda and told her that her daddy was dead. Linda asked if she was sure he wasn’t just sick, that he didn’t just go to the hospital. Lisa said no, he’s dead. Linda was devastated.  Something I only recently learned was that Linda was a song writer. She co-wrote ‘I Have Nothing’ by Whitney Houston, which is probably my favorite Whitney song. I wonder why she never wrote a song for Elvis? She didn’t start writing until much later, but I assume she always had the talent and desire. I also recently learned that she is Brody Jenner’s mother. I had forgotten about her being married to Bruce Jenner.  So strange to think that the Kardashians have a link, even a remote one, to Elvis. 



How many of you remember her on Hee Haw? :) I thought it an odd setting for a former girlfriend of Elvis.

linda hee_view

Ginger Alden – I am not sure what to think about Ginger. I have heard some less than favorable things about her. She was the one to find Elvis the morning he died and, from what I heard, instead of calling for an ambulance, she dressed and put on make-up, because she knew she’d be seen by the press. Then she called downstairs. There are different stories of who came upstairs and called for an ambulance, Joe Esposito claims he was the one who did, but regardless, by then it was too late. Ginger only recently came out with her own book. On one hand, I have to respect that she waited all this time to cash in on Elvis’ name, but on the other, from what I understand, some of the things she said were self-serving and untrue. Her family sued the Presley estate after Elvis’ death, because she claimed that Elvis promised to pay off her mother’s house, but he died before he could. She wanted the house paid off and money from the estate. The Aldens lost the case.


ginger 846741482c7750014b

Almost unanimously, the women who worked with Elvis, knew him, or dated him say that he was very kind and respectful. I sometimes wonder how Elvis’ choices regarding his relationships would have affected the course of his life. If he’d gotten with Ann Margaret instead of Priscilla, would his acting career have been different? Would he have lived longer? Of course, he wouldn’t have had Lisa, but perhaps other children? What do you think?


(Coming January 8, 2015, now available for pre-order through Amazon, End of Lonely Street – A Vintage Romance short story from The Wild Rose Press – Pre-Order ebook for Kindle: http://amzn.com/B00QQO3BK0)



All Toby Lawson wants is to go to college to become a teacher and to be free of her alcoholic mother and some painful memories. But when her mother nearly burns the house down, Toby must put her dreams on hold and return home to care for her. The only time she isn’t lonely and miserable is when she’s listening to her heartthrob, Elvis Presley. His music takes her away and helps her escape from everything wrong in her life. 

Noah Rivers has always loved Toby, but no matter what he says, she can‘t get past the fact that her drunken mother once kissed him. He soon realizes the true problem lies in Toby’s belief she’s not good enough for him and in her fear she will be just like her mother. 

What will it take to prove to her that she deserves to be happy, and that he would give anything to be the man to make her dreams come true?




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Elvis Presley – Ramblings of a Lifelong Fan – Part 24 – Million Dollar Quartet

I’m sure by now, most everyone has heard of The Million Dollar Quartet, if only because of the theater production (Which is coming to Oklahoma City and, while I’m not into theater, I plan to attend). In case you are not familiar, on December 4, 1956, four up and coming singers, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis, ended up at Sun Records at the same time. Carl Perkins was somewhat successful because of Blue Suede Shoes, and Elvis had recently burst onto the music scene and was starting to see some success. But who could have predicted that all four of these entertainers would go on to become legendary? Elvis had already left Sun for RCA, but he dropped by to visit during a Carl Perkins recording session. An impromptu jam session ensued, and the engineer decided to record it. Sam Phillips called in a newspaper photographer, who snapped the now famous photo. Although, in reality, the original photo (below) is not the one that most people are familiar with. The woman in the picture is Marilyn Evans, a Las Vegas showgirl who was Elvis’ girlfriend at the time. She was cropped out of the photo, but you can hear her voice in some of the recordings. In the musical, she is represented as Dyanne who sings on some of the sessions, but Marilyn did not actually sing.



Below are some songs from the session. Listening to it gives me chills. Hearing these young, phenomenally talented guys casually playing and singing together is an exceptional treat. I love that they mostly sang gospel songs. There was some speculation as to why Elvis and Jerry Lee were heard more predominantly on the gospel songs, and George Klein, Elvis’ lifelong friend said that Jerry Lee told him it was because Elvis and Jerry Lee were raised in Assembly of God and Carl and Johnny were Baptist boys, so they didn’t know all the words. 



The recordings were not released until twenty-five years later. Isn’t it incredible what has developed from that seemingly casual, innocuous event of four guys, who coincidentally wound up in the same place at the same time, just hanging out and doing what they love?


(Coming January 8, 2015, and available for pre-order soon, End of Lonely Street – A Vintage Romance short story from The Wild Rose Press)




All Toby Lawson wants is to go to college to become a teacher and to be free of her alcoholic mother and some painful memories. But when her mother nearly burns the house down, Toby must put her dreams on hold and return home to care for her. The only time she isn’t lonely and miserable is when she’s listening to her heartthrob, Elvis Presley. His music takes her away and helps her escape from everything wrong in her life. 

Noah Rivers has always loved Toby, but no matter what he says, she can‘t get past the fact that her drunken mother once kissed him. He soon realizes the true problem lies in Toby’s belief she’s not good enough for him and in her fear she will be just like her mother. 

What will it take to prove to her that she deserves to be happy, and that he would give anything to be the man to make her dreams come true?



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Elvis Presley – Ramblings of a Lifelong Fan – Part XXIII – Loved by the Young and the Old

Elvis’ appeal spans many, many generations. No other entertainer has such lasting popularity, or popularity with such a wide range of fans, from all ages, to all countries, etc. When visiting Graceland, I have seen fans ranging from the infant to the elderly. Sure, in some cases, parents drag their children along and the child might not know or care about Elvis. But, a great deal of them really know who he is, really love his music. You can expose your children to all sorts of things, but as parents, we all know that not all of those things stick. My three kids grew up exposed to Elvis, but they each have different levels of interest in him. They all respect and appreciate his talent, but not all of them share an equal love of his music, movies, etc. (I can’t say who loves him most, because I get in trouble when I do J) The last time we were at Graceland, we stayed at The Heartbreak Hotel and there was a youth group staying there as well. Pre-teens and barely teens were wearing Elvis shirts and taking pics of one another next to the Elvis photos hanging in the hallways. On the Graceland tour, I saw many of the young people moved to tears.

My precious niece, Amanda, adores Elvis, and she is exposing her children to him as well. My great-nephew, Blake is only five months old, so it’s too soon to know if he’ll be a true Elvis fan, but here is a pic of him at Halloween. How cute is this?


His sister, my great-niece Reagan, is five years old, and she is a true blue Elvis fan. It’s so adorable how much she loves him. Recently, her mother introduced her to his movies and they had a mini-marathon. I’m anxious to hear how that turned out. (they live out of town and we don’t see one another as often as I would like) Here is a pic of her in front of the television while Follow That Dream played.


Yesterday, for Thanksgiving, we sprang my mother from the nursing home for the day. Oddly, the topic of Elvis came up, and she, at 78 and with Dementia, went on and on about how sexy he was. LOL.

Here is a pic from last year when I took my children and my niece (my other niece, Madison) to Graceland. I’ve shared the pic before, but I thought I’d share again, since it’s so fitting to the topic. :)


Really, it’s not all that surprising that his legacy has stood the test of time and ages. I mean, just look at him.

EP 68 sexy EP close up beautiful


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Rogue’s Son by Darcy Flynn – ON SALE for 99¢



Tough, driven Kit Kendall has replaced her frills and dresses with no nonsense haircuts and wranglers, years ago. As owner of Sage Brush, the once thriving west Texas bed and breakfast ranch, she now struggles daily to keep her business afloat. Since McCabe Resort Lodge reopened next door as a multi-million dollar hotel, her financial difficulties compound, as she suffers one cancellation after another.

Just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, Kit’s childhood sweetheart turned nemesis returns as the new owner of the resort that’s now putting her out of business, resurrecting memories she thought she’d buried long ago.

Cowboy, entrepreneur Sam Dawson has returned to Sugar Creek, Texas after six years of exile with a secret that could destroy Kit’s happiness. He left town because of it and for the past two years has secretly tried to make it right. Having failed, he now returns to make one last attempt to undo the tangled web created by his father.

Set in motion by his father’s Last Will and Testament and with the clock ticking, Sam has only weeks to convince Kit to sell him her ranch or reveal the truth that will break her heart.



“Daisy’s a fine person. She deserves some happiness,” Sam said. 

“Kit stared at him. “Yes, she does, but not for the same reason you’re thinking. She and my father loved each other. They were doing fine until . . .” 

“Until my father destroyed him. Is that what you were going to say?” 

“You said it, I didn’t.” 

“You didn’t have to. It’s in your expressions, your bearing, your eyes. You’re eaten up with it. I’d hoped time and distance would have helped you to see things differently. It’s time you put the past behind.” 

Kit stood and glared at him, a mutinous expression on her face. “I know perfectly well what time it is. I think you should go now.”  

Sam set his half-empty bottle of Shiner on the side table and stood. He leveled an intent, fiery gaze at her. “I’m sorry you still feel that way. Unfortunately, it doesn’t change what I’m about to do.” 

He wrapped his hand around Kit’s neck and pulled her against him. She stiffened at his touch. If it were any other woman but Kit that resistance would have had him dropping his hands and stepping away. But he was determined to feel her pouty lips against his. He’d thought of nothing else since their confrontation in the parking lot at the lodge. He deliberately held her gaze before he planted a brief but crushing kiss against her angry lips, sending a shock wave through his entire body. 

He released her. “Now, that’s a reason to hate a Dawson.” He settled his Stetson on his head, then strode to the door. “I’ll save you the trouble of throwing me out.” 

Buy Link:

Rogue’s Son: http://www.amazon.com/Rogues-Son-Darcy-Flynn-ebook/dp/B00HMROJFQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1395275110&sr=1-1&keywords=rogue%27s+son+by+darcy+flynn

Social Media Links: 

Website/Blog: www.darcyflynnromances.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/darcyflynn

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/DarcyFlynnAuthor

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B0077AG3ZM



Google+: https://plus.google.com/116563609469381811624/posts?tab=XX



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The Wild Rose Press New Release Spotlight – A Paranormal & a Christmas Story

Two brand new releases from The Wild Rose Press…


Darkness Unbound by Zoe Forward, Paranormal Romance Novel 

When something feels this right, you don’t let it go. 

Fun Fact: 

My Scimitar Magi series involves Egyptian Mythology…why? I’ve always been fascinated with ancient Egypt and its mythology. I’m not an expert. Creating a paranormal hero group the utilized Egyptian mythology and weaving that into a romance required a tad bit of fascination with the subject and a lot of research. To build this world I read a lot of very heavy books (they actually did weigh a few pounds each) and tried to get a handle on the vastness of the religion, the mythology, the lifestyle, and the magic. What I concluded was that there wasn’t always consensus on the meanings behind myths and symbols. Each expert has his or her own opinion on the surviving hieroglyphics found on tablets and papyri. Then there are the gods…oh my. Did you know there are over 700 Egyptian gods and goddesses? Some had three to five different names. Once you get beyond the sheer number of them they are an interesting bunch. They did a lot of kinky stuff from incest to revenge to killing to curses. Bottom line was after all this research my fascination persisted, but I ended up utterly confused.  So, what did I do? I let my imagination play around with the mythology. Use it, but bend it.  And focused on my heroes. 

A Favorite Line:

“They are gods. We are not. Let’s face it, they’re going to win.”


*** ONLY $2.99 *** 

Buy links: 

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Darkness-Unbound-Scimitar-Magi-Forward-ebook/dp/B00OQWXWOY/ref=la_B00AESQL24_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1415536425&sr=1-4

B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/c/zoe-forward

Kobo: http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/darkness-unbound-2

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/darkness-unbound/id933518298?mt=11

All Romance: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-darknessunbound-1666876-143.html

Find Zoe Here: 



How My Heart Finds Christmas by Gail MacMillan, Contemporary Christmas Novella 

My heart finds Christmas in the warmth of memories and the recounting of these tales. 

Fun Fact: 

I had difficulty finding a title for this book until, suddenly, one day it came to me.  The stories I write about Christmases past awaken the spirit of the Yuletide in me, comforting and reassuring as the warmth and glow of a fire on the hearth. Some ancient cultures believed the heart to be the centre of the soul. Thus the title became instantly fitting.  

A Favorite Line(s): 

Undulating like mystic spirits gowned in green and white, the Northern Lights rose and rose, then doubled back on themselves to rise again. The heavens danced, alive with their essence.



Buy Links:







Find Gail Here:

Twitter    tollerbeagle 44

Facebook     Gail MacMillan

Web Site     www.gailmacmillan.ca



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A Highland Pearl by Brenda Taylor

Just in time for Christmas shopping, A Highland Pearl, will be published on December 2, but is now available for pre-order at Amazon.com for $2.99 until the publication date. An ebook copy of the novel will be awarded to a commenter on the publication date. 


A sweet romance blossoms amidst feuding and war. With her reputation at stake after being accused of practicing witchcraft and hated as a member of a rival clan, Maidie considers leaving Clan Munro and returning to the home of her birth in Clan Cameron. Fierce battles, a tragic encounter, and a handsome clan chief compel her to make crucial decisions in this haunting romance set in the16th century Highlands of Scotland.

A Highland Pearl, is the first novel in the Highland Treasures series. The story takes place in 1508 A.D. Scotland when clan chiefs ruled the highlands. Loyalty pledged to a clan chief meant provision and protection for the clansman, but in return rents were paid to support the chief and his family and service in the chief’s army was required of each able-bodied man. Within the walls of the great castles, intrigue and mystery reigned. Clans vied for land, livestock, and power. Fighting and reiving or stealing were prevalent, yet a gentler side with passion, love, romance, family and faith permeated the life of the Highlanders. A Highland Pearl tells about all aspects of life in the Highlands of Scotland. 

Excerpt from A Highland Pearl

Andrew stood. He must tell Maidie how he felt. He took her chin into his hands and looked into azure eyes. First, he kissed the tip of her nose, then a freckle on both rosy cheeks, and at last he found her mouth with fervor. Maidie wrapped her arms around his neck while he embraced her, pulling her closer. She returned his kiss much to his amazement. Her moist lips pressed firmly against his. His lips left hers, planting kisses on her eyelids, around her face, down her neck, and then on her mouth once more. She tasted sweet like heather ale and smelled of roses. His heart ached with love for the lass. How could he let her go, now that he had just found her?

He lifted his head. She sank into his chest. “I love you, Maidie. With all my heart, I love you.” He said it with little difficulty, because his heart brimmed with a deep love he had never before experienced.

“I pledge my fealty and my heart to you, Laird Andrew Munro. With all my heart I love you,” she answered with her head tucked under his chin.

He pushed away to look into her eyes. “I’ll come for you. No matter where you are.”

“I will be waiting.” Her eyes reflected the deep emotions of her heart like the black water of Cromarty Firth reflected the blue sky above.

“Come on, Munro, you’ve done enough love making. Time to get on with this exchange,” the leader of the guard commanded and nudged Andrew with his mount.

Stumbling, he released Maidie. The leader kept nudging him on. He looked back, but Maidie and Sven were surrounded by MacKenzie warriors and he could not see her. He took Briana from Colin as they walked to the grove where Gavin waited. Andrew pumped his fisted right arm into the air, calling out the Munro battle cry, “Caisteal Fàrdach A Chaoidh.” An embrace from his brother with whoops, hollers, and returns of the war cry from his warriors followed.

The mounted guard left Scara and Crag then turned back to the castle. Maidie and Sven had reached the gates. His men turned to ride back, and he watched the love of his life walk into the bailey of Castle Lach. God, take care of Maidie and the lad. Help me get her back.


About Brenda B. Taylor

The desire to write historical fiction has long been a passion with Brenda B. Taylor. Since elementary school, she has written stories in her spare time. Brenda earned three degrees: a BSE from Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, Arkansas; a MEd from Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas; and an EdD from Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas; then worked as a teacher and administrator in the Texas Public School system. Only after retirement could she fulfill the dream of publication.

Brenda and her husband make their home in beautiful East Texas where they enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, and working in Bethabara Faith Ministry, Inc. She crafts stories about the extraordinary lives of ordinary people in her favorite place overlooking bird feeders, bird houses, and a variety of blooming trees and flowers. She sincerely thanks all who purchase and read her books. Her desire is that the message in each book will touch the heart of the reader as it did hers in the writing.

Read more about Brenda and her books at:

Historical Heartbeats



Amazon Author’s Page



Buy A Highland Pearl



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